Michael Bisping Advises GSP To Not ‘Get Caught’ Taking Steroids

The Michael Bisping vs Georges St. Pierre fight is all set for UFC 217 which will take place at Madison Square Garden in New York on Nov 4.

The Bisping-Pierre fight is one the most anticipated fights in the MMA. Fans of UFC and officials alike have been talking about this possible bout for months and it was made official recently.

Bisping, the UFC middleweight champion, will face the returning GSP and he had some choice words for his opponent.

Michael Bisping has some Advice

Right after a UFC press event for the fight, Bisping tried to get into the head of GSP by reminding him that he shouldn’t ‘get caught’ using steroids.

The trash talk is obviously heating between the two contenders and it will only make the upcoming contest more exciting for the fans.

Michael Bisping at Press event

But GSP is a professional and it doesn’t seem like that he will let Bisping and his ramped up trash talk get under his skin.

GSP needs to shake off the Cobwebs

Pierre hasn’t competed in the UFC since 2013. His last match was against Hendricks at UFC 167, which he won via split decision.

He must be rusty after a 4-year absence from the sport. But he seems to be in good shape and, come fight day, he will be ready to take on Bisping.

GSP standing inside octagon

GSP has always made it a point to speak against performing enhancement drugs.

The increasing use of such drugs in MMA is why he decided to leave the sport. Now that UFC has changed its rules and implemented stricter drug testing policies, he has decided to come back.

So Bisping had the right idea to rattle his opponent and play a little psychological game before they enter the octagon on Nov 4.

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