Michael Bisping vs Dolloway at UFC 186

The fight between Michael Bisping and CB Dollaway proved to be tale highs and lows. The bout between the two lasted till round three with both fighters going for a direct approach to land punches and kicks rather than taking each other to the ground. It was turning out to be a slugfest towards the later stages of the game, but Bisping recharged himself quickly and took advantage of his opponent’s slow movement to keep hopes of his title hunt alive.

The victory although scored by a thin margin, was well deserved. The bout started with the American having an upper hand over the English fighter; however, ‘The Doberman’ was unable to keep up the pace and was eventually subdued by “The Count” power and endurance.

Fight Review:

There is no single instance specifically worth mentioning in the fight; apart Bisping’s near knockout in the first round. The bout was generally rated as a good fight with each fighter delivering equally good performance.

In the first round of the bout, Dollaway looked in good form and was able to hit Bisping hard and drop him to the ground. However, Bisping picked himself up and resiliently fought back. In the second round Bisping gave a defensive performance and was able to keep Dollaway at a distance and regain his form. The third round was all about Bisping. He was able to show some really good skillset and proved his dominance over Dollaway. Bisping was pronounced as a winner by decision.


Bisping was undoubtedly better than Dollaway in the fight. However, overall Bisping handed in a very normal performance. If Bisping is serious about making it to the UFC middleweight championship fight, he will have to improve his performance and make sure he regains his lost dominance in the ring.

After the fight, Bisping was talking to the media and dedicated his victory to his son named Callum whose birthday fell on the same day as his father’s fight. Calling Dollaway a ‘Dangerous Opponent’, Bisping said that he faced tougher resistance than he was expecting.