The Michael Bisping Diet Plan

Even if you are a casual fan of MMA, you know that the athletes that compete in it are the toughest in the world. They go through grueling fights and train harder than anyone to keep their bodies ready for the trial of the sport. MMA enthusiasts and those who train as fighters know this all too well. So when you get the chance to learn how these MMA fighters fuel their bodies, you have to jump on it. Here is how the UFC star, and one of the hardest working fighters, Michael Bisping goes about it.

The Michael Bisping Diet

Michael Bisping has been dominating MMA for years.

‘The Count’ is now 38 years old and has to train harder than ever before to keep himself fit for the octagon.

The most important part of his fitness routine is his diet plan and we have it right here.

When Bisping is in training camp he sticks to the following diet plan. Anyone that wants to enjoy the same level of success in the MMA as Michael Bisping, pay attention and take notes;

Michael Bisping

In the Morning

  • A big bowl of porridge/oatmeal
  • Fresh fruit, preferably blueberries
  • Small spoon of flax seed
  • Spoon of chia seeds
  • A spoonful of peanut butter

Oatmeal is considered to be a ‘champion’s breakfast’. It is definitely true in this case.

It fulfills the carbohydrate and protein quota for the morning. When you are not in training camp for a fighter, however, you can go for turkey bacon and eggs as a good alternative for protein and carbs.

In the Afternoon

Lunch is a low profile affair for Bisping.

The food he eats depends on what kind of weight he has to cut before the fight.

If he is at an ideal weight;

  • Vegetable omelet with a couple of toasts

If he has to cut some weight, then just the omelet will do.

The light lunch means that Bisping puts his body in an ideal situation to burn fat. But the protein content ensures that muscle fibers don’t suffer in the process.

In the Evening

Some lean protein and carbs is the target when its dinner time.

  • A steak, preferably grilled
  • A cup of vegetable salad
  • A cup of whole wheat pasta or any other item that has carbs

A beef steak is the perfect food at the end of the day.

Michael Bisping

The muscles are tired and high amounts of proteins and other nutrients in the beef are perfect.

Snacks & Supplements

If Bisping feels like having a snack, he prefers a protein bar. Perfect for anyone going through intense training sessions.

Right after a training session he likes to drink protein shakes to give his muscles the fuel that they need to grow and perform at the highest level.

Michael Bisping has achieved all his success through hard work and dedication.

Following a strict diet plan, like the one mentioned above, takes a lot of discipline for fighters.

But to get to the same level as pro MMA and UFC fighters, you need to have all the 3 elements;

  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Discipline

After that you just have to show your stuff inside the ring to achieve your dream!

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