Michael Bisping vs. C.B Dolloway: Preview

Thanks to Lady Luck and reshuffling at UFC 186, Michael Bisping and C.B Dolloway find themselves competing on the main card. Their match will be one part of the double headliner along with the flyweight title bout. Both middleweight fighters are in the lower tiers of top ten rankings, therefore were only expected to only fight on the under card.

After failing to impress in their last fights against Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida, Bisping and Dolloway respectively, will be looking to make a comeback with a big win. If we look at the history, the hot-favorite becomes Bisping as he has never lost two fights in a row before.

Bisping will be looking to retain his position in the top 10 middleweight rankings, maybe even build on it. He already claims to be on the hunt for the middleweight title. Meanwhile, Dolloway will be trying to get into the top 10.

Take a glance at both fighters’ record highlights

Michael Bisping:

UFC Rank: Middleweight#10

MMA Record: 26-7-0

Notable Victories: Cung Le, Brian Stann, Alan Belcher

Notable Losses: Wanderlei Silva, Tim Kennedy, Chael Sonnen

Michael Bisping is very athletic, light on the feet, and has a very strong defensive wrestling base. He has outplayed most of his competition whilst being ousted by thin margins in losses. His past couple of defeats have shown a meeker side of Bisping, but “The Count” is raring for a comeback.

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Recalling his fight against Tim Kennedy, Bisping needs to work on his control on the ground. The fight will show whether Bisping’s skills are on the decline or not and he will be keen to win in order to mount a title run. He has the tools to outwork Dolloway and he has done it to similar opponents in the past. If he sticks to basics and lands his maneuvers, he could be looking at a rather comfortable win

C.B Dolloway:

UFC Rank: Middleweight#11

MMA Record: 16-7-0

Notable Victories: Cezar Ferreira, Francis Carmont

Notable Losses: Lyoto Machida, Tim Boetsch, Mark Munoz

Dolloway’s strong suit are his wrestling skills. Take that away from him and he will be easy to pick on. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t win. Bisping’s chink in armour is his wrestling ability, hence Dolloway can exploit that to enter the #10 middleweight.


Dolloway has more power than Bisping but latter is the more clinical striker because of his kickboxing abilities. If it came down to a game of attrition, Dolloway can come out victorious as he as at 31, he has more endurance than Bisping.

The Aftermath:

The match is very crucial for both fighters. A win can prove for both that they can still mount a title run, especially for the long standing middleweight gate-keeper Bisping. The loser will definitely be written off from the top tier and end up at the fringe of ranking fighters.