Bellator 124 sees current champion, Emanuel Newton (203.6lbs), take on UFC veteran Joey Beltran (204.5lbs) in the headline event.

In-cage, the pair are both very similar. They are both full-on, top-line mixed martial arts fighters who don’t back down. Tonight is looking like a very brutal match between two competitors who will be at each other from the word go!

On paper, the way in which they achieve their victories differs considerably. Newton, out of his 23 wins, has 3 knockouts and eight submissions under his belt; whereas Beltran, with his 15 wins, has a huge 11 knockouts but only 2 submissions.

The reigning champion is looking to add another KO to the list, vowing to make his challenger number 4!

“Two bulls are going to get into the cage and the better, more technical bull is going to come out victorious, and that will be me,” said Newton, who wants to make his prospective fifth win early on, a tactic that worked for UFC champion Rampage Jackson against Beltran back in 2013: “Someone’s going to lose. I’m going to knock Joey out.”

If the challenger is phased by the aggression of his opponent, he isn’t showing it:

“I’m in the right place,” He said: “I’m mentally, physically and spiritually ready. Tonight is definitely the high point of my adult professional life. I may not be the flashiest fighter but I’m hard-nosed with a blue-collar style and I come to win.”

When asked whether or not he is worried about opponent Newton, he replies is a similarly laid back manner: “He can be Godzilla — I don’t care,” replied the californian, “I’m focused on what I’m going to do, not on what he does.”

Regardless of who the victor of tonight’s main event will be, it’s certainly shaping up to be brutal from the first round.

“I’m jacked to get this shot against Newton,” said Beltran. “He’s a tough guy, but I’ve been in this sport for a while now and have fought some of the best. I’ve got some good momentum after my last fight, and we’re going to put on a show September 12th.”

Tonight’s the night. Will be an interesting one to watch!