Mothers Day With RDX

Celebrating Those Who Raised Us

It’s that time of year that we celebrate the women who brought us into this world and raised us. With these celebrations RDX is offering a perfect 10% discount deal to give back to those who made us who we are now.
This Sunday mothers all over the fitness, fighting and boxing world are being celebrated for their efforts to raise the boisterous and strongest of professionals.
The mothers of these highly skilled and dangerous fighters teach us patience, courage and strength in the face of adversity, conflict and strife. 

Our sponsored fighters Zelfa Barrett and Khamzat Chimaev celebrate their mothers and the greatness that they have bestowed upon them. They fight through adversity and struggle towards a proud finish whether it be in the ring or the octagon. 

Our mothers remind us to stay grounded despite our achievements and remember the roots from which we come from. It takes a patient and humble person to become the champion we all strive to be. Though it also requires one to be well equipped and ready to face the fight at hand.

Chimaev revealed a promise of his own, he made to his mother.

“My mother thinks I become a champion after each fight I win. I did promise I will retire when I become a legit champion. So my goal is to be #1 and then I will retire.”

The respectful rank 5 welterweight, Khamzat further said in another interview:  

“She thinks always about us,” says Chimaev, “She was like you know it’s when I was young you don’t understand why she gives food to us and like you know she was waiting for us when we finished the food and [then] she left and ate as well. Now when I become old with time and understand what she did, that now you wanna give back everything you know, it’s like that’s why I always feel like I have to make her life better.”

Zelfa Barrett on the other hand found another way to pay tribute to his mother. In his fight against Bruno Tarimo he wore pink gloves with mom written across the thumb padding. A simple yet effective method to show love, respect and give back to the roots we all come from.

These athletes show us that through a nourishing support system and the backing and belief of a caring mother that any goals, whether champion level or not, are very possible. 

We can all show our care, love and respect by doing something special for our mothers this Sunday and maybe even get them a fitness gift on our website at RDXSports.