Murph CrossFit Workout To Build Stamina Made Out Of Steel

If you are looking to challenge yourself beyond your wildest dreams, opt for a CrossFit workout. A perfect way to test your stamina and strength, CrossFit workouts are broadly classified into two categories; Hero workouts and Girl workouts. Hero workouts are specifically designed in remembrance of government serving personnel from various sectors who did not shy away from embracing death. Girl workout, on the other hand, includes killer sequences such as Fran and Nancy.

Murph CrossFit Workout

All experienced CrossFit trainers must have tried Murph at some point in their fitness journey. Named after Navy Lt. Michael Murphy who died in Afghanistan as a SEAL at only 29 years of age on June 28, 2005, the workout involves a series of exercises with no specified time limit. The high volume of reps makes the whole regime very challenging.

Typically a Murph CrossFit workout involves the following sequence:

  • Running – 1 mile
  • Pull-ups – 100
  • Push-ups – 200
  • Air squats – 300
  • Running – 1 mile

Performing The Workout

There is no shortcut to perform the workout. Just like any other Hero program, Murph requires sheer dedication and will power to keep going till the end. Experienced CrossFit athletes wouldn’t take more than half an hour to complete the circuit. In order to add more intensity to the session, some prefer putting on a weighted vest. If you are far away from the closing run of the regime, you need to motivate yourself to finish off the program.  Despite the huge number of reps, there is no time limit and you can take as long as you like to complete the Hero workout.


Although there are no variations to the tradition regime, if it’s difficult to perform all the reps for you, reduce the number by 50%. Then see how your body responds to it. Continue on the same pattern for a few days and then notch up to the full version of the workout.


Before performing Murph CrossFit Workout, keep in mind the sacrifice made by Lt. Murph. Surely a few crunching reps cannot compare to the intensity that he faced while fighting for his homeland. Once you have spent some moments contemplating about the late SEAL’s heroism, charge ahead with an iron will.