Nevada State Athletic Commission Investigates Pacquiao on Hiding Injury

The Filipino champion, Manny Pacquiao is under some serious trouble after the Fight of the Century. First he lost the fight which broke a lot of hearts and the entire Philippines was in grieve but what later followed is even more troubling. During the post-fight conference, Pacquiao stated that he has been suffering from a shoulder injury and he fought despite the injury which kept his pace slow and his attack weaker.

After the revelation, there were questions raised by boxing experts and fans over the role of the Athletic Commission governing the fight. It was further said that the commission should have cancelled or delayed the fight as a fight with an injured boxer in the ring is absolutely unethical.

Soon after it was confirmed that Pacquiao’s injury was real and he will now undergo a surgery for torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, Nevada State Athletic commission yesterday came up with a response and said that Pacquiao has kept his injury hidden which is technically an offense. Before the weigh-in both the fighters were given a form which they had to fill. The boxers are specifically asked in the form if they are facing any shoulder injury. Pacquiao filled the form and marked the shoulder injury section as ‘No’.

Francisco Aguilar who is the current chairman of the Nevada State Commission has said that they will investigate the matter further and look into the entire situation and then discuss the matter. He said that as a licensee of the Nevada Athletic Commission, the athletes are supposed to provide the commission to with accurate and latest information.

Pacquiao may face penalty of suspension or fine if he is found guilty of intentionally hiding his injury from the commission. Pacquiao is yet to answer to the Commission’s strong statement.