New Moms Onboard? Make Mother’s Day Extra Special

Now that you’re past that nasty morning sickness, and with your little bundle of joy arrived, welcome on board New Moms! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Motherhood has its own challenges. You start navigating a major life transition. With all the stretch marks and saggy skin, your body has gone through massive physical changes, as it was in the process of creating another human being. You must be having a hard time trying to fit into your old workout wear and summer suit.

Now that you have got the green signal, you must be itching to shed off some leftover baby weight. Most young moms are conscious of their fitness. Being a new mom you are also determined to look young and smart. You wish to counter the side effects of a new mom’s hectic life.

Why do you need to focus on your fitness in this crazy phase?

  • To raise your little one with your sanity intact.
  • You don’t want to get tired chasing your little one all around the house.
  • You need to honor your body and boost your confidence
  • Somewhere in between the countless sleepless nights, fixing your child’s untimely baby tantrums, putting on nappies and washing off dirty clothes, you are secretly wishing to rock in your old skinny jeans.
  • To easily achieve the more important goal of being a mother, you need to be physically active.

To commemorate this new phase in your life, and to help you stick with your fitness resolution, RDX Sports has bundled up its Mother’s Day special for you. You’ll be able to get 10 percent off site-wide by using the code RDXMOM, with up to 70% off on selected items.

RDX 4B Sleeveless Black High Neck Terry Fleece Jacket

  • Durable and stretchable non-pilling Terry Fleece material retains elasticity in all conditions without pilling
  • The close-fitting hood is designed to lightly cling without hampering movement in anyway
  • Reinforced T3-stitching seams make jacket highly durable for all conditions for indoor or outdoor activity
  • Moisture transport system wicks sweat and moisture away from skin to keep body feeling fresh and cool
  • Breathable fabric provides max comfort in those grueling training moments, be it lifting in the gym, or running in the park!

RDX 1B Thermal Compression Shorts

  • Warms the waist helping you shed excess water weight
  • Improve circulation, facilitates metabolism of the abdominal
  • Flat-lock seams an anatomical cut give total freedom of movement
  • Application of these shorts will reliably protect body from overcooling
  • RDX Flex DS 1.9mm thermal neoprene shorts designed to provide soft tissue support

RDX R2 Gym Kit Backpack

  • Superior synthetic construction for a kit bag with low absorbency.
  • Abrasion proof design for a tough sports holdall that lasts.
  • Tarpaulin sides and bottom to repel water keeping your gym kit dry in all weather.
  • Resistant to fungi and moths for clean and durable sports gear bag.
  • Highly adjustable sternum fastening and padded straps for support and comfort.Resistant to fungi and moths for a sports bag that lasts and lasts.
  • Anti-abrasion design to prevent scuffs and visible signs of wear and tear.
  • Adjustable chest strap and padded shoulder straps for comfort and heavy load support.

RDX KY Fitness Yellow Medicine Ball

  • Made with a soft 1.2mm thick Maya Hide™ leather for awesome durability.
  • Triple hand-stitched 8 panel design for increased resilience.
  • Power core sand chamber to enhance stability and improve balance.
  • Lightly textured exterior assists with grip.
  • Filled with natural and synthetic fibres in a variety of weights to suit each individual.