Rdx Launches New Products For Those Summer Goals

RDX Sports Updates Its Armory With New Fitness Gear And Combat Equipment

It’s been a difficult few years for global trade and with the reopening of international corridors RDX is coming back with a bang. RDX has launched a brand New list of Products, ranging from clothing, protective gear, focus pads and even sauna wear. We would like to share with our community the new products and their overall significance to both us and how they can benefit your performance in all your future endeavors.

Uppers: The T15 Short Sleeve Black Rash Guard. The T2 Black Short Sleeves Sweat-Wicking Gym T-Shirt And The T2 Black Short Sleeves Sweat-Wicking Gym T-Shirt.

RDX’s new range of protective clothing is everything you need to get your gym and training to the next level. This finely designed clothing was made specifically so you can get on the mat or engage in rigorous training without rash damage to the skin or body. Fight sports aren’t without their injuries, bruises and rashes, we designed these particular articles to help you counteract that as best as any piece of clothing. (Read More About Compression Wear)


RDX T15 Black Compression Shorts And T15 Black Compression Tights.

Our line of compression wear has always been at the forefront for compression technology worldwide and with our new releases we have improved upon that classic formula. This excellent lower wear provides comfort regardless of the sport whether it be a simple workout, sparring, grappling, running, jogging, yoga or MMA training. RDX compression tights and shorts have you covered for all your sporting activities, will help you prevent injuries and assist in your recovery.


 T1 Curved Boxing Pads.

The RDX T1 Boxing Pads were designed to take punches and they truly can take impact like no other. These curved pads will help you key into your precision as an effective striker and further help you develop your combos. Even more so they will assist your coaching and training unlike any other brand out there.


C1 Weight Loss Sauna Suit.

We’ve talked a lot about sauna suits and their usage, now we introduce our professionally certified, top of the line C1 Sauna suit. This OEKO TEX certified Sauna suit will provide you the heat retentive, super sweat weight loss wear that you’ve been looking for. It’s weatherproof and covers the entire body so you can get every last drop out of your professional weight cut with ease. (Read more about Sauna Wear)


Kick Shields: T1 Curved Thai Kick Pad, T1 Curved Kick Shield With Nylon Handles.


Mixed Martial Arts is a varied sport with a lot of leg work from every individual martial art. Since the introduction of mixed martial arts events Kicking has been one of the most lethal weapons utilized within the ring. So to get your kicks at the peak of their strength and skill by utilizing our Muay Thai Curved Kicking Pad and Curved Strike Shield. Made from the finest shock prevention foam these new RDX pads make coaching for leg work a piece of cake and training for leg work even easier.


T2 Karate Chest Guard.

A coach’s best friend and trusted companion into every practice or training session is a chest guard. A truly must have for all kinds of striking work whether that be kicks or punches, your fighter in training needs to test his strikes on a target that is more than a floating pad or a hanging bag. Our solution was to make a body guard that could not only withstand a fully blown liver shot but also test body combinations for the prolonged 12 round exchanges that may occur in a boxing match.

W1 Weight Training Wrist Straps.

To protect your wrists while putting them under the extreme stresses of weight lifting and provide you some real stability in your exercises. These weight training and lifting straps are guaranteed to lift your bench press from a curved back to straight as a rod. Weight Training is an essential part of a gym enthusiast’s lifestyle and routine, and these Training Straps give your security absolute priority, whether that be for powerlifting or the normal weight training.

Robo Kids Gloves.

RDX believes passion for sports can begin at any time, but to make the most of your innate skills and talents, the younger you start the more room you have for improvement and growth. These Robo boxing gloves were made for the young ones out there. We believe nurturing these extremely talented youths is absolutely necessary for the martial arts ecosystem whether that be for boxing or mixed martial arts. 

RDX is overjoyed and excited to showcase these excellent products. Our development and manufacturing teams around the world have been working hard to present you with new and Improved products so the entire community Moves and Evolves. With this new range it’s the very best time to begin your exercise, gym, and fight life journey! So what are you waiting for? Click on the link and start now.