Nunes vs Shevchenko at UFC 215: The Right Decision?

Amanda Nunes the current UFC bantamweight champion put her title on the line against Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 215 this past Saturday in Alberta, Canada. Nunes vs Shevchenko was the main event and the fight did not disappoint. The Brazilian ‘Lioness’ methodically overcame her opponent and won by decision.

nunes vs shevchenko

The fan reactions and expert commentary reveal that the decision for the MMA bout is controversial and it shouldn’t have gone in the favor of Nunes.

Nunes vs Shevchenko Decision

Nunes won the title against Miesha Tate in 2016 and defended it against Ronda Rousey by knocking her out in just 48 seconds.

The title fight at UFC 215 was the second time Nunes defeated Shevchenko.

Their first meeting was at UFC 196 where Nunes won by unanimous decision. The rematch was set for UFC 213 but Nunes pulled out because of health reasons.

UFC 215 was chosen as the reset event for Nunes vs Shevchenko 2.

nunes vs shevchenko

Both Nunes and Shevchenko took a tactical approach to the fight. There were hardly any long skirmishes during the fight.

The fight lasted the whole five rounds with both fighters matching each other blow for blow. It wasn’t until the fifth round where Nunes got a knockdown, which seems to have swung the vote in her favor.

Shevchenko immediately disagreed with the decision. She believes that she won the fight.


Even when she was on the mat, she landed more blows than Nunes.

Still, the Judges awarded the win to Nunes by scoring the fight 47-48, 48-47, and 48-47.

Possible Rematch?

When the decision was announced, the fans in the arena booed. Shevchenko was in utter disbelief.

She already wants a rematch, because she believes that the UFC bantamweight title was hers after the fight.

What was your opinion of the fight? Do you think the judges got it right or did Shevchenko get robbed? Let us know by commenting below.