Best fight of 2016

Mayweather vs. Golovkin

We have just witnessed a remarkable performance of Gennady Golovkin outclass David Lemineux. This was not because the French boxer was by any means a light opponent. Lemineux just didn’t have a clue what to do when he was against GGG.

Mayweather vs. Golovkin
So what is next for the Kazakh wracking machine, who he will face next or the real question should be who is brave enough to challenge Golovkin when he is in his prime form. There is no opponent right now after the retirement of Floyd Mayweather Jr retirement, who stands a chance against GGG. So in the ideal world, there could be nothing better to see Mayweather Jr Challenge someone who is currently the best pound for pound champion in the world and someone who no boxer wants to face.

However, there is an issue about the weight class. Both these fighters box at a different weight class to each other. Mayweather is a king and someone who owns the 154 pound weight division whereas, Golovkin has been fighting all his years since turning pro in the 160 pound class. Like Mayweather, GGG is also undefeated champions but he has said it many times that he would like to face the Money Man in the near future. However, Floyd Mayweather has dismissed any buildup to such fight, even if GGG comes down at his weight division

Floyd Mayweather Sr. who is the father of Mr. Money has advised his son against facing GGG, who he reckons is a giant said, “He ain’t fighting no Triple G. Triple G is too damn big for him. [Golovkin] can’t whoop him. As far as the style wise, he probably can’t beat [my son] because he won’t be able to lay a hand on [my son].”


Having said that we all know there is no definite yes and no in boxing, this fight if it happens will generate lot of interested and will be one of the biggest fights in the history. Whoever wins it will deserve to be included in the hall of fame.

As far as boxing styles is concerned, Golovkin has a clear advantage because of his power and accuracy of jabs. He can destroy his opponents within few rounds as we saw in the case of Lemineux. On the other hand Mayweather is a clever fighter, he studies his opponents well and makes a strategy to win. He doesn’t throw lot of punches at his opponents but at the same time doesn’t all his opponents to throw their as well because of his immaculate defense.

This is what the fight between Mayweather and Golovkin going to be, it will be the contest of defence vs aggression and power. What gives GGG edge is the fact that he also has a very good technique. Every boxing fan in the world is hoping for this fight to happen in 2016. Let’s wait and see!

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