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Here’s a list of all of our authors.

Liam Matthews

Liam Mathews is a passionate and knowledgeable boxing news expert who has long been captivated by the sport. With experience as both a professional boxer and journalist, he is an authority when it comes to all things related to the boxing world. His bold observations coupled with his comprehensive understanding of the sport make him one of the most reliable resources to consult for information on upcoming bouts and up-to-date news about champions and contenders alike.406 Articles

Liz Jones

Liz Jones is a passionate and knowledgeable nutrition and fitness enthusiast. With a wealth of experience in muscle building and training, she provides valuable insights to her followers through her thought-provoking articles. Liz is an avid learner who researches new methods of keeping fit and helping others stay healthy. She loves giving back to the fitness community by emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition for overall well-being.316 Articles

Malcolm Jones

Malcolm Jones is a vibrant mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiast dedicated to helping aspiring fighters reach their fullest potential. He has been training professionally since the age of 18 and is highly knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition. He has written numerous articles for renowned MMA publications and enjoys sharing his expertise with his readers. Through his hard work and dedication, Malcolm has become one of the most popular MMA trainers in town; his classes are always in high demand.288 Articles

Gavin Murphy

Gavin Murphy is a truly remarkable freelance fitness writer known for his engaging content and distinct viewpoint on health and wellness. With 15+ years of experience in the industry, his expertise shines through his work. He takes readers beyond the basics of fitness and explores topics like nutrition and practical exercise techniques with an underlying drive to help them live healthier lifestyles.133 Articles

Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey is a veritable authority in the world of MMA News. She has been amassing her knowledge and experience for years, making her a reliable source of information. Her ability to break down complex topics into understandable pieces makes her an invaluable asset to any conversation about martial arts news.71 Articles

Hannah Murphy

Hannah Murphy is an inspirational and motivational writer passionate about MMA news and the fitness lifestyle. With a keen insight into healthy living, she has inspired many individuals to make positive life changes. Hannah's enthusiasm for exercise and science-based research makes her writing exciting and entertaining; she also injects plenty of humor into her articles, making her an inspiring leader in the world of MMA journalism.64 Articles

Meryl Milson

Meryl Milson is a nutrition expert passionate about helping people achieve balance in their diet and health. A lifelong learner, she spends her free time exploring the latest trends in nutrition science, from gut health and microbiome management to plant-based diets. Drawing from her extensive training -- including degrees in public health and dietetics -- Meryl offers personalized guidance to clients, customized to fit their unique lifestyle, and works hard to equip individuals with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their well-being.58 Articles

Avery Murray

Avery Murray is a certified combat sports expert who provides personal training and classes in kickboxing, MMA, and judo to help individuals attain their transformation journey. With years of experience teaching athletes of all ages, Avery is passionate about helping his students reach their goals with his inspiring content based on practical experience.40 Articles

Simon Head

Simon is Editor-in-Chief at RDX Sports, and is one of the UK's longest-tenured MMA journalists, with 25+ years of experience covering sport, and 15+ years of experience covering mixed martial arts, for national and international media outlets.32 Articles

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