Our friends are fighting…. Awkward!!

Hearsay of two of the UFC’s most accomplished fighters, the Boogie Man Tony Ferguson with the Notorious Conor McGregor was to be put together, this would have been a battle of the ages. But all speculations turned to dust when a twitter battle between Tony and Michael Chandler sparked…. Awkward!! Tony being our current top ambassador while Michael Chandler being a member of the RDX Hall of Fame, we don’t like our friends fighting. Such are realities of life and as they say, life is tough but not tougher than these two especially Tony.

This fight is predicted to be scheduled in the first half of the year though nobody would have thought that this war would take place but guess what?, it’s close to being signed and both athletes are gearing up for this bout.

This fight serves to be an important one for both athletes and will be key in defining the future of their careers. Tony, known for his durability and endurance, has been in the spotlight as fans are waiting for his comeback whereas Chandler has been rising up the UFC ladder in recent years making this fight as unpredictable as it can get.

Why? Because both athletes are in top form and have their eyes focused on the lightweight title currently held by Charles Oliviera. Over the years, the lightweight division has become competitive as ever with top of the line fighters, all with unique talents making their mark. And in this stacked division, some raise doubts over Tony’s recent performances discounting his legendary title run. To the naysayers, we have this to say: Tony has more chances than anyone; blades, shades, hands, knees and darces from any position. Tony can do it all

The Boogeyman

Moreover, he sure seems to be in the limelight with his tweets relaying the message that he is all set for the New Year. This was also reiterated by El Cucuy that he is looking forward to this showdown while Chandler is expecting more time till July to get ready. Speaking of confidence, the d’arce knight has no shortage of it.

Both stars have recently faced losses but remember the saying ‘A wounded lion is more dangerous’ and indeed Tony has a history of bouncing back stronger. As for the former Bellator champ and Team RDX staple, many are questioning his attempts to delay the fight.

Even former Team RDX headliner, MMA legend, commentator and pundit Micheal Bisping gave his two cents on the fight and seems to be very excited for this face-off. He has praised Tony Ferguson’s fighting style but also feels that this blessing can also be a curse.

He’s so f**king tough. He walks his opponents down and he outlasts them with toughness, durability and cardio and in the end, would normally turn it around and get the finish

These top fighters have been part of Team RDX which makes this one a nail biter for us, nevertheless we have our eyes glued to any further news that can confirm this fight.

For now, all we can do is wait for the UFC brass to make it official and if it does.. May the best man win! Till then watch this space for more news and updates.