Pacquiao Claims to Have Found the Flaw in Mayweather’s Defence

Manny Pacquiao claims he has found the chink in Floyd Mayweather’s armour. The Filipino boxer is sweating hard in training for his May 2 fight in MGM Grand, Las Vegas for the chance to unify WBA, WBC and WBO welterweight titles and to defeat his old undefeated nemesis.

Pacquiao has moved to LA for his training camp to get ready for the biggest showdown in history. The match that many predict will go down to the wire for a decision; is by Pacquiao’s own admission, the match of his life.

In order to defeat your opponent it is important that you read their game beforehand and build your strategy according to their weaknesses. Floyd Mayweather has an impenetrable defence thus far and the only way for Pacquiao to win would be to circumvent that problem.

The ‘Pacman’ certainly believes that they are on to something and may have found a flaw in Mayweather’s game albeit he gave very little on the details and understandably so.

In a brief interview with Eddie Alinea of PhilBoxing, Pacquiao stated, “ [If] It is defence he will be relying on when we face each other, I can say this early that I am ready to meet him in that department,”

He further added, “We’ve actually been figuring out how we can penetrate the defensive blanket that Floyd will throw at me since we opening camp in General Santos two or three weeks ago. I think we already have an idea of what offensive manoeuvres we will utilise.”

Mayweather’s bold declaration that he will knockout Pacquiao by the fifth-round has made the fans wary that the American might have found his opponent’s weak spot. By the looks of it both fighter’s will now not only be assessing their opponent’s weaknesses, but theirs as well.