PFL’s Daniel Pineda fails NAC Drug Test

Daniel Pineda the PFL Season 2 featherweight tournament finalist has landed himself in hot waters by failing a drug test conducted by the Nevada Athletic Commission, his manager confirmed.

Pineda’s manager, Jason House read out a statement saying, “Right now we’re in the process of researching what could have led to a positive test,” He further added, “We plan on appealing the decision once all information is gathered.”

The name of the substance for which Pineda tested positive has not yet been revealed. Pineda’s team is expected to meet the commission and get further clarity regarding the substance and circumstances surrounding the failure.

So far the PFL spokesperson, Greg Savage has also declined to comment on the matter. As of now, Pineda is still scheduled to fight Season 1 tourney champ Lance Palmer in the Season 2 finals on Dec. 31 in New York City.

When asked to comment, NYSAC Executive Director Kim Sumbler said she hadn’t received any notice of a positive drug test as yet. NYSAC is the one who will get to decide if the Pineda will get a free pass (license) to go ahead with the Dec 31 fight in NYC. .

The Pineda case is not scheduled for discussion in the NAC’s Nov.20 meeting agenda. The commission usually just suspends fighters administratively if they fail a drug test. During this time the fighter gets to prepare his defense against the complaint and attend disciplinary hearings.

The upcoming NAC meeting on Nov. 20 will include temporary suspension requests for PFL fighters Glaico Franca, Luis Rafael Laurentino and Ramsey Nijem.