Prep Up Your Fitness Goals With Protein Bars

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. It is an important constituent required for the rejuvenation of bones, skin, cartilage and blood. It helps in repairing tissues and plays an active part in making hormones and other body chemicals. It is readily available in a large quantities in natural food sources such as meat, eggs, nuts, chicken and legumes.

Since protein plays an important part in post-fitness workout recovery, it has become an essential ingredient of the diet plan of gym goers. Advancements in food technology has enabled us to isolate protein from different nutrients present in natural sources such as animals, soy etc. Once pure protein is obtained, it is finely ground and sold as protein powder which is quite easy to ingest. However, there are a lot of variations in the ways protein can consumed. One popular protein alternative is protein bars. Following are a few benefits of protein bars.

Highly Convenient

The biggest benefit of protein bars is the convenience that comes with them. They are easy to carry and can be consumed anytime anywhere. You can carry them to the gym, to your office or to your hairdresser. Whenever you feel that your proteins reserves have replenished just dwell into a mouth-diffusing protein bar.

In Between Meals

A good way to curb your on and off food cravings is to munch into an energizing protein bar. Not only will you be able to regain your strength, it will keep your body feeling full and nourished until the next meal.

Consuming Protein Bars Before And After Workout

Protein bars are an ideal way to rev up your workout regime. By fueling your body with ample nutrients before you start working out, you can guarantee a power-packed exercise session. An easy meal-substitute, protein bars can equip your body with required nutrients to carry out your regime effectively. Protein bars are equally good if they are consumed after a workout. If you have forgotten to bring along your shaker or want to enjoy chewing a bar for change, protein bars are the ideal way to fulfil your cravings and refill your depleted energy reserves.

Meal Substitutes

Protein bars serve as an excellent way to control your food portions by providing high quantity of protein, making the body stay full for longer periods of time. So, although protein bars help your calorie intake, they should only be used occasionally to ensure a healthy intake of nutrients from wholesome foods.

Good To Eat

Nowadays, you can find thousands of protein bars with different ingredients and pleasing tastes on the shelves of your nearby store. However, people didn’t have the same options nearly a decade ago. The first protein bars were extremely difficult to chew with a bland, metallic taste. Wobbling down a protein bar after a workout meant spending nearly half an hour struggling to chew half of the delicacy. Nowadays, we have a lot of variety in terms of formulation and taste of the protein bars, which make them quite tempting to consume.

Points To Remember

According to the American Council of Exercise, choice of wrong protein bars does not help the body getting adequate supply of protein. Using meal-substitute bars as a snack can cause increase in weight. Protein bars that have high amount of salt, sugar and fat should be avoided. Purchase protein bars that have sodium lesser than 140 milligrams and other sources of sugar such as honey, sucrose etc.