Rdx Celebrates Easter With The Fight Community

Baskets, Eggs & Bunnies with lots of love gloves!

Easter is here and with that RDX is offering a wild discount across its entire website, not to mention a Treasure Hunt that leads to a Giveaway Lucky Draw.

The discount offers 10% off site-wide with the possibility to further your hunt’s progress. All of this and more is available on the RDX website. https://rdxsports.com/

Get your wallets ready cause we have an offer to get your fight friends and loved ones from the 1st of April all the way to the 17th of April, Easter Sunday. Products loved by many around the globe are up for grabs at the best prices, check out some of the great deals below:

This is just the trailer, the 10% site-wide discount is on the entire product range RDX has to offer, so you are definitely in for a treat. Get your favorite products at the best prices right now.
Giveaway Details
As for the Giveaway Competition, the Treasure Hunt itself is fairly simple, identify the products masquerading as eggs on the banner, go to their product page and find the Easter basket and tag us using #rdxegg or DM us on any of our social media platform. On any platform that doesn’t have a stories option, a private message will suffice as replacement.

We will be announcing winners soon after, on the 20th of April so don’t waste any time and win exciting prizes by entering the Treasure Hunt now.

The prizes range from (USD) $200, $300 and $500 worth of equipment applicable all over the site.

Once you have submitted your entry, keep your social media updated and watch your email too. The more engagement upon the website and social media any individual takes part in, greatly increases their chances of winning in the lucky draw.

More tips and hints will be hidden all over social media so be vigilant, engage with us and keep up-to-date. After you inevitably win a prize, you will be featured on our page, with your RDX winnings.

So hop on over to RDX and get hunting. Happy Easter Fight Fam!