RDX Proudly Re-launched its New E-commerce Website!

RDX Sports, since its establishment in 1999, has achieved great success. With products ranging from boxing gloves, MMA gear and Muay Thai products to protective gear including mouth guards, shin pads and others, RDX has expanded its range of sports gear over the years. The decade long successful journey of RDX is an accomplishment gained by consistent efforts and upgrades as per the changing trends in the sports industry. RDX keeps up with the changing trends and stays updated with the latest sports trends around the globe.

Expanding its reach into the USA, the upgraded RDX e-store is a feature rich, easily accessible and secure platform for the consumers to get access to the quality RDX gear.

The Upgraded E-commerce Store Has Several Notable Features Including:

1- User Friendly Interface -enabling the user to browse conveniently through the store and search the desired products. The interface is built with the intent of facilitating the customers and thus is easy to use for searching items with details, browsing categories, order and shipment tracking, complaint registration, consulting customer support, and other tasks.

2 -Enhanced Presentation-allowing the users to assess each item based on the detailed presentation of features and utility. Now you can get more and updated details on each item you seek to find out. The presentation of details is comprehensive and not at all exhausting to go through.

3- Responsive Layout-Accessible on most of the devices, the responsive layout of the new E-commerce store enables optimal viewing and interaction experience, easy reading, navigation, resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices. Now you can browse our product categories using the enhanced features with your laptop, tablet, phone, and other devices anywhere at any time.

4- Quick Loading- The new website facilitates the customers with quickly loading web pages which save time and effort. The web pages are specially optimized to load quickly to save the users the exhausting delays in requested information.

5- Secure Checkout Process- The new website allows users to submit personal information and conduct smooth, safe, and risk free transactions.

6- Quick Checkout system – The new RDX E commerce store comes with the unique 30 seconds check out system to facilitate our customers.

7- Upgraded Live Chat – RDX new E-commerce store includes an upgraded version of live chat system. The feature is included to give the customers ease of interaction with our customer service officers.

Team RDX is consistently working to improve and upgrade the website to enhance the user experience further.