RDX Sponsors Suffolk Showdown 2 of the Combat Kickboxing Academy

Combat Kickboxing Academy has joined hands with RDX Sports and forces in the boxing and MMA world to bring the Suffolk Showdown 2 to Debenham Leisure Center, Suffolk on 18th of April. The first Showdown was a resounding success with the event garnering a great deal attention from the local media, veterans, professional fighters and fans. This time round the event comprises of 22 bouts and is going to be fought in key disciplines such as; K1, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and boxing.

Suffolk Showdown is going to be covered by a horde of local media channels and newspaper with its results being aired live on the official website. The event is already at full capacity and all VIP ringside tables have already been booked. The event is sponsored by RDX Sports, one of the leading contact sports brands in the world. After successfully sponsoring the 11th Annual MMA award, RDX Sports has reached out as sponsor to many other sports events. This RDX sponsored event is going to raise money for the East Anglian Children’s Hospice, E.A.C.H.

Several known fighters are going to be involved in the Suffolk Showdown 2 along with some of the academy fighters. The 15-year-old Charlie Pearce is going to compete in the Southern title match. The young fighter, who has already acquired good experience in the ring, will be in a five-round title bout. Lee Parrott will be squaring off in a four-round bout. He won his previous bout with an impressive 1st round knockout; similar results can be expected again. Further on, Christian Wickham and Tony Browes are will make their debut for the Combat Kickboxing Academy. Meanwhile, Stephen Taylor, a veteran, competes in the Super heavyweight category.


The event is also going to be covered by the local radio and is expected to grab a lot of attention on social media channels. PS Productions in alliance with RDX are going to film and distribute the DVDs of the event.

Combat Kickboxing Academy has been involved in quality martial arts upbringing of youngsters. The Academy also teaches adults and has a team of trainers, well-versed in in different MMA disciplines. RDX Sports is going to help the event run at full steam as it shows good potential and promise to become a permanent fixture in the future.