RDX Sports Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week

We all have seen ourselves sometime in our lived and thought, we should workout. But we don’t. Because we don’t have time and it hurts and it means we will have to get up. What you need it motivation. And not just the usual internet telling you what to do, but the way it ACTUALLY reforms your life for you. Mental Health Awareness Week is celebrated by Mental Health Foundation in the UK and now, globally.


This Mental Health Awareness Week, RDX Sports brings you tips on how you can take care of your mind and by exercise and working out.

You haven’t started yet because you haven’t yet found the right exercises for you or your mind is not trained by you in believing that exercise is better for you in every possible way. There are a LOT of other advantages and uses of exercise than to just lose weight. Exercise has an impact on everything, from time management to your sleep, it will change you. From making you a happier version of yourself to living a healthy and balanced life, exercise is the way to go.

Here is a list of things you should know about exercise and why it should be a regular part of your routine in order to maintain a healthy mind.

It makes your life easier

Wouldn’t you be happier if you could move your furniture all by yourself or without grunting and holding your back afterward, this happens when you exercise, you become stronger! Your daily life chores become easier to perform. You would be able to do all tasks without getting drained. And if you workout progressively, you’ll be able to perform better every day.

It will make you happy

We are always looking for happiness. That is our goal in life. We look for happiness in the littlest of things while ignoring our mind and body. Exercise will make your mind relaxed and happy. Working out can make you happy long term. It will rid you of negative thoughts storming your brain so you can be positive and work towards your life goals in a more effective manner. The study confirms that there is a direct relation between exercise and feeling good. One study suggested that exercise has a similar impact on your brain as cocaine. It makes you active and happy. That is why it is one of the treatments that are suggested for depression.

It builds aerobic strength

Your aerobic capacity is your body’s ability to work at its maximum. You would be getting a lot of oxygen and that would help your tissues grow and function better. Usually, people lose 1 percent of their aerobic power every year. That means you can lose 30 percent of your aerobic capacity by the age of 70. So if you involve yourself with aerobic activities like walking, running, cycling etc. then you can lose half of it instead of the entire 30 percent. You have to understand that aerobic exercises, cardio, and HIIT, basically, generate multiple other advantages that only start when you work-out. Your endurance is based on your exercise.

You will sleep better

If your sleep cycle is terrible and you feel tired all the time, exercise will make it all better. It will help you sleep better by making your circadian rhythms stronger which is basically your sleep cycle based on roughly 24 hours. Exercise will keep you active through the day and you will sleep better at night. Another factor that helps is that since exercise helps you reduce stress, you will not sleep with a headache or a head full of thoughts. But you need to make sure you exercise regularly for your body to feel better at controlling its sleep cycle.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Chronic hypertension is the most common form of heart disease. Exercise helps reduce your blood pressure by attacking the plaque in your arteries caused by consuming a high-fat diet. As your arteries widen, the blood flow becomes easy and your blood pressure drops to normal. Hypertension also gets eliminated because, with exercise, you are training your heart as well. The stronger your heart muscle gets, the stronger you get.

It maintains your immune system

Your immune system helps you stay healthy by protecting you from infection and toxins. Exercise makes the system stronger and increases your endurance.  A healthy body with exercise in routine will increase your resistance to many diseases including diabetes, respiratory issues, obesity etc. Even short-term exercise programs can reverse some of the harmful effects of aging on this sensitive, complex, and crucial monitoring system which wheels so much of your everyday health.

Makes your bones stronger

Your bones become weak as you grow older. So the best way to keep them strong is to ensure a calcium enriched diet with exercises that help you strengthen your bones like stair climbing, walking, low-impact aerobics, and cross-training exercises. Best you can do is create a regime of resistance training in which you lift weights. Adjust the intensity according to your age, weight and physical strength. Intensify it to see what limits your body can endure.

It makes you feel accomplished

Of course, you’ll be happier if you run an extra mile and don’t feel tired or do an extra set of pushups without draining yourself. This makes you set higher goals for yourself. Every day, challenge yourself in doing more in every aspect of your life. The goal setting cycle is a difficult habit to get, but with exercise, you will subconsciously train your brain in making life goals and then you’ll be winning through each life goal. You’ll be celebrating small victories and that would add to your happiness. The more you’ll think of yourself as a winner, you’ll be able to work harder to achieve better.

Every day brings new reports on the positive outcomes of exercise. The key factor among all of them is that the best way to keep your body and mind in a healthy state is to be active. What you need to do now is buy a nice pair of gym shorts or a gym suit and join a gym or start working out at home.