RDX Sports x Tony Ferguson – The Darce Knight Rises

El – Cucuy. The Boogie Man. The Darce Knight. Blades’n’Shades. Savior of Sports. These names do not apply to the man we know as Tony Ferguson without rhyme or reason. Each of these monickers represents a different facet of the living legend’s arsenal. Each nickname earned through a variety of events, multiple forms of victory, with only one consistent outcome – victory through obliteration.

The man with one of the longest win streaks in combat history, namely in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is partnering up with RDX Sports once again with one goal in mind. An old mission, with renewed vigour.

Champ Sh*t Only. UFC gold. The Lightweight Title.

After the unicorn bout (Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson) of MMA fell through 5 times.

The world of MMA would completely change in the years preceding us and the world is quick to forget who the kings of MMA actually were.

Uncrowned King. People’s Champ

The MMA scape forgets that Tony Ferguson did not have to take the risks he took after Khabib Nurmagomedov pulled out of their fight, one Tony had prepared YEARS for.

He did not have to take the next title contender Justin Gaehtje, a whole different style of fight on short notice.

He did not have to give a platform for the current Lightweight Champion in Charles Oliveira who went on to beating all top contenders to the title.

Tony did not have to fight Beneil Dariush to bring him up in the rankings just to stay active.

Tony earned, with all his being, a chance to sit back and watch things unfold while he waited for his shot at the belt. But that’s just not who El – Cucuy is.

Tony Ferguson is a man who puts it all on the line for his friends, foes, family, and fans alike. He always shows up, even when career-ending injuries and doctors dictate that he’d never fight again. The boogie-man isn’t a nickname because he happens to be one of the scariest athletes on the planet – it’s because you can’t stop the boogie-man.

Darce Knight Rises

When Tony isn’t out there inspiring leagues of human beings to be the best version of themselves, he’s focusing on his family. On ‘growth’. Everyone around him ‘grows’. Tony Ferguson will add a pay raise to his fellow fighters purses at a press conference because Tony Ferguson is that type of guy to do just that.

This year the laser-like focus is back on. That varsity mindset, durable body and versatile set of skills has Tony ready to shoot up the ladder again.

There’re rumours of Tony Ferguson fighting Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor as well. That is news worth living for. Where Khabib Nurmagomedov was a dream bout – so are the aforementioned athletes.

Can’t wait to see Tony back in action. There’s no losing with Tony.ย  There is only winning, and only growth. Moving, improving, evolving. And if you know anything about his mindset going into the year: you might want to reconsider counting him out.

Here’s to a great start to the new year. Strong, relentless because things are about to get real. This year – the Fight is Real.

Who do you think Tony Ferguson should face next?

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