Rest-Pause Training For Muscle Growth And Torched Fat

While performing a workout, it is very important to keep tracking your muscle growth and the amount of fat that you lose during the process. By following a consistent routine over an extended period of time, your muscles start experiencing a plateau and become unresponsive. In order to permeate through this period, consider rest-pause training that would enable you to grow your muscles to the maximum while burning fat.

Understanding Rest-Pause Training

Rest-pause training is a method, in which you do not continue to perform the same exercise over an extended period of time. Instead you break it up into mini-sets taking small rest breaks in between.

Rest-Pause Training Has Been Here For Quite Some Time

The technique isn’t new in the world of weightlifting. In fact it has been there since 70’s and can be very taxing for your muscles. The idea behind this type of exercise is to fully exhaust the muscles so that all the fibers break down overcoming the strength and growth plateau by taking 10-15 seconds break between each set of exercise.


There are many variations for this technique. However, the simplest form is to pick up weight and perform 5 reps. Then take rest for 15 seconds followed by 5 reps again. Keep repeating the exercise until you are unable to pick any weight further.

Rest-Pause Training To Build Muscle

If you are looking to gain maximum strength by building muscle, then you should follow the below-mentioned pattern for Rest-Pause training.

  • Begin with a picking up a weight that is 90% of one-rep-max.
  • Perform one rep.
  • Rest for 30-45 seconds.
  • Repeat until you are unable to carry the weight (preferably 5-10 times).

Since strength trainings are based around low reps and longer rest duration, the above formula would help you get massive strength.

Rest-Pause Training To Torch Fat

Rest-Pause training doesn’t only help you to grow muscle mass, it is extremely beneficial for you to torch away unwanted fat reserves in your body. According to a study by Journal of Translational Medicine, this training regime is ideal for burning undesired fat from the body by depleting all the energy in the muscles and improving rest-metabolic rate.

Rest-Pause Training For Hypertrophy


Usually weightlifters perform 3 sets at most with reps anywhere between 5-10 to gain the desired results. However, the below mentioned formula can bring about more encouraging results.

  • Start the first set with 5-10 reps.
  • Now put the weight aside and take rest for 15 seconds.
  • Now perform set two with reps until you are unable to carry on further.
  • Repeat step two and three for set 3.

End Note

This method can add more impact to your regular strength training routine. By improving your workout density, you can achieve more milestones in shorter time frame. Since the technique adds more stress onto your body, you should be careful with the method. When performed carefully, the technique is bound to bring along favorable results.