Reverse Diet – How Can Eating More Keep Your Weight Less?

Less diet and more exercise can have some visible effects on your body. However, you cannot choose to eat less all your life. When it gets too hard to cope up with a restricted diet, turn your table around. Enjoy eating more and exercising less to keep your body in shape.

What Is Reverse Diet?

Reverse dieting allows you to pile up on calories until your body reaches maintenance calories level.  This helps the body build metabolism whilst you can still enjoy cheat foods. The diet helps the body get all its nutrients from varied sources and curbs cravings and binge eating. Incorporating the diet plan into your daily life helps include macros such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats in certain quantities so that your weight loss goals can be actualized.

Once you have reached the finish line of your weight loss journey, it is best to opt for reverse diet, so that your scale doesn’t go back to from where you started. Losing weight to gain it back can have severe psychological effects that in turn can affect your overall health. Usually dieters call it quits when they see themselves headed in the same direction even after following a rigorous diet plan.

Is Reverse Dieting Suitable For Everyone?

Reverse dieting is for anyone who faces a calorie deficit. However, the thought is not acceptable by many as consuming more calories mostly leads to weight gain. A fighter who has undergone severe weight cut or a model who has lost many pounds may not adhere to this approach initially without understanding how it can beneficial in the long run. It is also helpful for athletes who have seen no change in their bodies no matter how much they change up strategy or workouts in the gym.

Regardless of the misconceptions regarding this diet, it helps gain back the calories without putting fat on the body.

Reverse diet is not suitable for people who intend to put mass on. However, if you want to maintain your weight or replenish your calorie reserves, then this is the right choice for you.

How It Works?

The diet works by calculating your macros by adding small amount of fats, carbs and proteins into your daily intake and then increasing them slowly.

With increase in the amount of food the level of maintenance calories is attained.

Since human body is adaptable it soon becomes used to its calorie deficit. Your body tries to keep up with the changes and slows its metabolism to accommodate its functions to new calorie levels. Reverse dieting aids in reviving slow metabolism and providing body with energy reserves.

Health Benefits Of Reverse Dieting

Following are the health benefits of Reverse Dieting:

  • Decreased Stress
  • Increase in Appetite
  • Energy Bursts
  • Quick Recovery

Factors To Consider When Reverse Dieting

When opting for reverse dieting, you should be mindful of following factors.

  • Perform rigorous resistance workouts 3-5 times a day
  • Consume plenty of protein
  • Incorporate a flexible diet plan when opting for this plan

Disadvantages Of Reverse Dieting

Following are the health benefits of Reverse Dieting:

  • Its key focus is on calorie intake and doesn’t consider other factors like less sleep, stress or hormonal imbalance
  • It’s unclear if it can be work for every individual
  • Difficult to track your daily calorie intake

Reverse diet is to gradually increase your calorie intake to boost metabolism and controls weight gain after dieting. It also helps to increase energy levels and reduce hunger. However, its benefits are still unclear. In addition, reverse diet is difficult to follow since it solely focuses on counting calories.

Before considering reverse dieting to reduce weight, other diet plans and tips are to be considered along with eating a balanced diet.