7 Things We Learned From UFC 190

Ronda Rousey defended her title by knocking her opponent, Bethe Correia, down the way that wasn’t unexpected of her, especially on the occasion. Rousey preferred to sling uppercuts, shots, and hurting her opponent along the fence and later used the right hand to the temple as her final move to conclude the fight.

The main event took more time in completion as compared to the champ’s victories over Alexis Davis and Cat Zingano but demonstrated an innovative move on her part as a warning for the future opponents. UFC 190 made us learn the following


1-Rousey – Not Taking Things for Granted

The efforts that Rousey puts into enhancement of her skills and gifted talent prove her as a person not to take things for granted. The evolution in the champs’ skill and its demonstration in the octagon is justified by her consistent efforts.

2-Shogun’s victory – Evoking less Excitement

Getting excited about Shugun’s victory is a matter of being unrealistic. The former glory will continue till when is hard to determine. Also one wanders whether Rua’s name will buy him any benefit with the good sized opportunity especially when the wear and tear has started to show.

3-The Veteran Twins – Still In

The veteran twins when stepped into the octagon made the onlookers doubt their opinion of them as being towards the end of their careers. The 39 years old brothers, who accomplished great victories in their careers, still continue to achieve making the audience wander whether they will walk out of the octagon wilfully or will find their way to continue with the victories.

 UFC 190 final event was beyond any doubt the most memorable finish to be tracked in the history of MMA (women). The significance of the event lies not in the fact that Ronda Rousey put her opponent to sleep in seconds but in that she beat Correia at her own bread and butter.

4-About Rousey – What’s Next to Achieve?

What requires to be improved about her fight strategy is Rousey’s striking ability while there is negligible room for improvement in clinch and grappling as she showed unequivocal perfection there. Her penetrating punches added with polished fluidity showed her ability to rise to the occasion and establish the history of one of the best knockouts in UFC.

There is no denying the fact that Rousey projects an improved impression of her skills each time she steps into the octagon.

5-About Correia- What to expect in Future?

There is nothing remarkable to mention regarding her encounter with Rousey but that she lasted up to 20 seconds more during UFC 190 against Rousey inside the cage than Cat Zingano did during UFC 184. Her demise was initiated by her inability to withstand the opponents punishing stance. Showing initial confidence may have been a logical approach on her part but could not alter the fact that she was to learn the consequences of offence by the hands of Rousey. Corriea needs to determine where she requires improvement, if she is to improve her skill for her next bout.

6-Miesha Tate – Next for Rousey

Mocking the idea of Miesha Tate getting the shot to defeat the champ, the odds that she may prove to be a challenging opponent are rising due to the fact that Tate had shown notable improvement in her athletic skills and has demonstrated her tougher presence to the audience already.

7-Corriea – What to Expect of Her

While Correia failed to withstand the punching power of the best grappler, Ronda Rousey, it is still not justified to consider she will never regain her title for the top contender. The reason for not judging Correia on the basis of her defeat at the hands of Rousey is that she did not perform longer enough during the fight to be judged.