Double TKO By Dyers At Four Nations

Nightmare Dyers gets dominating wins for English MMA

The EMMAA Four nations Tournament was a huge success. With fighter Shanelle “Nightmare” Dyers getting an extremely impressive win over both her opponents. She looks like a brilliant prospect for the future of English Mixed Martial Arts. With a double TKO and dominating victories overall, RDX took a small interview into the great mindset of this Muay Thai striker.

1.Who is your biggest inspiration?

 I have two. Everyone in my gym inspires me. I can say my favorite fighter, Israel Adesanya or Michael chandler. We only get to see them on their good days or the days they want us to see. I see people come from nothing and achieve great things on a daily basis at my gym. I get to grieve with them on their worse days and celebrate their best days. And that makes it personal. No better inspiration.  

2. What is your favorite fighting style? Do you find it to be effective?

Thai boxing. That’s it. I believe it to be well rounded and suited perfectly for MMA, if you adapt it right. I have full use of my punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Clinch work works a charm on the cage. Takedowns too with sweeps. The grappling aspect as well. We’re use to be up close and grindy and using momentum in the clinch so works perfectly with BJJ. 

3. You have a tendency to go beast/god-mode, what’s the thought process to reach it? 

When I was younger I used to try to rile myself to get angry before fights and fight angry to go beast mode. Now I realized that isn’t the best way as it can get used against you. You can still go beast mode without the added emotions. Just believe in your abilities and it will come naturally. I call it casual death lol. 

4. What motivates you to keep fighting? 

My motivation constantly changes as my goals constantly change and get bigger. Right now it’s probably the fact that I’m a couple years away from living the dream kid me always dreamed of. A better life. An easier life. Also my big bro jay who sadly passed away, too keep his legacy alive everyday. No excuses. 

5. Any advice for up and comers?

Have fun. Everyone always misses the point and take it too seriously. We’re here to have fun. It’s a choice to fight and we do it because we love it so enjoy it. Enjoy the process and the destination will come. Also don’t care about your record. It’s experience especially in amateur. Get the fights in. Experiment. Fight all different kinds of opponents so when you go pro your comfortable everywhere. 

6. What does Move, Improve, Evolve mean to you?

1% everyday. Even if you only learn 1 things in a lesson, or not! Even just cementing something a bit more means your improving. You just have to make that first move. We’re all evolving everyday, it’s your choice to evolve positively or negatively not just as an athlete but as a person too. 

Shanelle stood far above her competition with her Muay Thai and striking skills and we at RDX are extremely excited to see her perform again. RDX celebrates her victory and caught some insight into her amazing fight mindset.