Signs You Are Overtraining & Your Workout Is Unhealthy For You

Taking out time to go to the gym or to push yourself to perform an intimidating exercise can be a tiring mental battle. To make matters worse, if you feel irritable and tired throughout the day after pulling yourself through that constant regime is a telltale sign that your activity is not healthy for you anymore.

Going to the gym regularly or squeezing out time from your tight schedule for some physical activity is great for your body and as well as mind. With the positive exertion, you can allow your muscles to regrow while bringing your mind to peace. However, if you feel too much drained and energy-depleted post workout, it indicates that your exercise is not bringing about desired results.

It can be difficult to identify signs that your workout is playing a negative toll on your body. Engaging in workouts that are doing you more harm than good can expose you to variety of risks for your physical as well as mental health.

Following are the top symptoms that reflect your workout isn’t bringing best results for you. Some of these symptoms may not be related to your exercise regime at all.

Your Body Aches

If any part of your body aches, it is a sign you should halt your fitness regime. Most of the times gym goers pat themselves on the back for any suffering they undergo as it is commonly believed “no pain, no gain” in the world of fitness. This mindset can bring considerable harm to your overall health. Whether it’s the dull pain or the sharp pangs in your body, you need to stop your exercise to save yourself from the risk of injury.

In an event you are experiencing pain on a particular part of your body and can workout without having to further agitate it, you can carry out with your activity, as long as you do yourself a favor of visiting the doctor right after your workout session.

However, it is best to listen to your body. If you feel that your workout would further worsen the pain, step aside and wait until you have fully recovered. Trying to toughen up when your body can’t take the stress can sideline you from any physical activity altogether. If you feel consistent pain, swelling, bleeding or have an open wound consult your doctor at your earliest.

You Put In Extra Effort To Go To The End

A lot of athletes think that they have won the battle once they put their step inside the gym. This is absolutely incorrect. The only way to know for sure that you have done your body some good is to complete the whole workout without fatigue, feeling energized. If you lacking the drive to continue till the end, chances are you are over-working, a precursor for injury. If you despise doing a workout, you cannot carry it on for a long period. Try finding yourself alternatives that you will enjoy doing.

Finding a workout that you really like doesn’t mean that you can perform it every single day. It’s important that you have realistic expectations as it impossible to carry on the same routine every day. Even professional athletes take their rest days to recover their bodies from the fatigue that comes from performing various strenuous exercises.

Overtraining can only lead to injury as your muscles don’t get time to repair and rest, making them susceptible to damage.

You Feel Tired

A good workout should leave you refreshed. On the contrary if you feel drained or dizzy, this means your workout needs a bit of retrospective. Your post-workout feeling can have a big underlying reason and you need to identify it real quick. While changing positions can often lead to loss of balance and sudden dizziness, a constant unsteadiness should not be taken lightly. Another reason that you might be feeling lightheaded is your eating habits. Exercising on an empty stomach may cause you to feel dizzy as well.

You Are Unwell Most Of The Time

Regular exercise comes along with many benefits, one being your ability to ward off diseases. However,  overtraining can backfire by lowering your immunity. If you are sick most of the time, it is time to re-evaluate your workout regime, since an exhaustive exercise session can lead to suppressed immune system and can cause disturbances in the respiratory system.

You Find It Hard To Fall Asleep

A prominent sign that you are working out too much is that you find it hard to sleep at night. A good workout leads to a peaceful night’s sleep and if you have to turn and twist throughout the night, something is definitely wrong in your workout. Overtraining can lead to insomnia, which you can effectively combat by choosing the right amount of frequency and intensity. Still got trouble sleeping? Consider skipping those churning strength trainings and HIIT.