How To Hang And Use Speed Bags

Benefits And Workouts Associated With Speed Bags

All athletes strive for the five fundamentals: Power, stamina, speed, strength and accuracy. Speed bags are essential for boxers who wish to improve their punching speed, enhance endurance and practice footwork. For people looking to achieve fitness goals, it is an excellent cardio workout. These speed bags aid in high intensity workouts and sparring sessions. If you’re wondering how you can hang and use speed bags, then go through our guide to learn everything that you need to know about its benefits, we have also provided a beginners drill below. 

workout benefits

Benefits Of Speed Bags

The benefits associated with speed bags are worthy of being noted. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Speed bags help Increase aerobic capacity. 
  • The speed bag workout helps you develop your lean muscle strength. 
  • With speed bags, one can increase their punching power and core strength. 
  • The bag workout helps improve hand-eye coordination for those who love to play ball sports.
  • It aids in developing speed, reflexes and accuracy of punches.

Now that you are aware of the many benefits associated with the speed bag workout, do not hesitate to buy one for your personal use at home. The speed bag has a very simple setup and assembly procedure. Once done, check our guide to learn a few tips and tricks on how to utilize the speed bag for your daily workout. Let’s get started!

How To Hang Speed Bags?

When it comes to hanging a speed bag, there are three options. You can either purchase a ceiling mount, a wall mount or a platform speed bag. In case you opt for the platform speed bag, then there’s not much you need to do for its assembly. Just put together the platform according to the provided instructions that come along with the set, and there, you’re good to go!

Tony Ferguson using platform speed bag

Tony Ferguson using RDX 12PC Speed Bag during his workout session.

On the other hand, if you wish to go with the other two options, then follow the steps given below to get a better understanding of how to set the whole thing up.

Required Equipment For Setup

If you wish to hang the speed ball in your own favorite spot, then make a checklist of these equipment beforehand. 

  • Marker/pen
  • Drilling machine
  • Ceiling/Wall mount
  • Screws/bolts
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Level

We at RDX Sports bring you a step by step guide to help you set the speed bag right in place and have a wonderful experience using it.

Step 1: Find the perfect spot!

Start with finding the perfect spot to hang the speed bag. Make sure whatever location you choose is wide enough for you to practice your footwork as well. Since, basements usually have low ceilings, this makes them ideal for ceiling mount speed bags. Also, a corner of the basement will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. When you hang the bag, ensure that it is equal to your eye height.

If you do not have a basement, then you can find a place for the wall mount inside your home or in the front yard of the house.

speed bag mounted on ceiling and floor

Step 2: Get to Drilling

As already mentioned, when you are measuring the height of the speed bag, the striking area should be in front of your forehead. Hold the mount to the wall or ceiling and mark the screw holes using a pen or a marker.

Drill holes in the marked places, in accordance with the screws or bolts that came with the mount.

Step 3: Attach the Mount

You can either use a screwdriver or wrench to secure the mount on the ceiling or wall.

After you have tightened the 4-6 screws on the mount, grab hold of it and check to see if it wobbles or is uneven. Ensure the mount is even with the help of the level.

Step 4: Hang the Speed Bag

Now it’s time to hang the bag on the mount. The hook will be at the center of the mount. The bag has a hook of its own. You can hang the bag using the hook and close it.

The bag should be hanging straight and at your eye or nose level.

Step 5: Test the Speed Bag

Throw some test punches at the bag. It should fly towards the back and must come straight forth while swinging. If the movement of the bag is smooth, then well done! You have done a great job.

Conversely, if the bag wobbles in anyway, go above the list and see if you have missed something. Make sure the mount is tight and the screws are just in place.

After making sure the bag is set, you can start your speed bag workout. If you’re a beginner or amateur, start with the beginner’s workout.

athlete practicing footwork

Floor to ceiling mounted RDX B1 speed bag (double ended speed bag) for advanced practitioners.

Beginner’s Speed Bag Workout

Here are a few steps that’ll help you start your workout with a speed ball. You need to start from the basics and then develop your punching speed along the way. 

The Drill

  • Stand straight facing the speed bag.
  • Stand close to it so you don’t have to extend your arms towards it.
  • Hit the bag with your one hand. See if the bag bounces 3 times after the hit. Now you know that it will bounce back 3 times on every hit.
  • Start by hitting the bag slowly with open palms. This will help you build a rhythm for your upcoming hits.
  • Make sure that your hands are close to the bag, so there is no buildup. 
  • Hit with one hand at a time. Follow a rhythm of 2 rights then 2 lefts. Or 3 for each hand. Make any combination that works best for you. 
  • With every hit, your hand should make a small circle or a loop and focus on your hand and eye coordination.
  • After about 10 minutes of open hand training, try it with closed fists.
  • Wear inner gloves, hand wraps or training gloves while you train with the speed bag to avoid potential injuries. 

Speed Workout For Intermediate And Advanced Level Boxers

Those who already have experience with other punch bags and have taken a few training sessions at the gym, speed bag drills are not much of a hustle for them. 

Muhammad ali workout with speed bag

The Drill

  • Start landing a few punches on the bag, this will make the bag swing freely. 
  • The free movement of the bag will force you to aim your punches in different directions with speed. 
  • Since the bag does not come back in the same spot every time, enabling you to work on your hand and eye coordination along with quick reflexes. 
  • You can work on building the speed, reflexes and accuracy of your punches by landing a combination of your punches. 
  • Keep hitting the speed bag with both hands and try multiple combinations.
  • Do a HIIT speed bag workout to increase your aerobic capacity. 
  • Take small breaks between sets and promptly respond to each hit. 

RDX Sports Is Right Around The Corner!

Since speed bags are like a go to for every other individual who strives to achieve his/her fitness goals. These should be made part of daily workout and training sessions. A quick 10 minute speed bag workout will help you Move, Improve and Evolve to become a better fighter. We at RDX Sports are here to help you grow and get equipped with the best speed bags that provide you with quality and value. Checkout our boxing gear that can compliment your speed bag workout.