Strange Diet And Weight Loss Tips That Work

There are many different diet and weight loss schemes, plans and techniques that sound strange sometimes. Some of them are outright crazy and you should stay as far away from them as possible. But there are some that are harmless and you can give them a try and see if they can work. If not, you can just chalk them to silly but if they do work you can lose weight and have an interesting story to tell.

1.      Diet and Weight Loss by Smelling Food

 Diet and weight loss

This is one strange tip but it has been proven to work when researchers in Chicago, USA, tried it out.

The whole theory behind smelling food is that you are tricking your brain into thinking that you are actually eating it.

People have been known to lose some weight by employing this practice.

So the next time you have a craving for your delicious food, just smell it instead of eating it.

Another way to practice is by light food flavored candles in your home.

For example, if you feel like having a dessert, light a vanilla scented chocolate and your craving should go away.

2.      Eat Heartily in the Morning

It is a known fact that if you eat more in the morning and comparatively less at night, you will be able to lose more weight through your exercise routine.

You have to eat a healthy breakfast though, stick with proteins and whole wheat foods.

They will provide you with plenty of nutrients and keep you feeling full for the rest of the day.

3.      Jog every time you see an Advert

Understand this premise…

Whenever you are watching TV and an advertisement comes up, you get up and take a lap around you house.

By following this simple rule, you will be able to burn up to 150 calories.

To make it more effective you can go up and down some stairs.

4.      Watch yourself eat

It isn’t as creepy as it sounds.

You should hang a mirror in front of your dining table or your favorite place to eat.

When you look at yourself eating, you will remember your fitness goals better. You can curb your cravings in a better way.

5.      Capture your food’s image

Whenever you cheat on your diet, take a picture of the food that you are eating with your phone.

Look at it afterwards and it will stop you from indulging in the future.

 Diet and weight loss

Research suggests that having visual evidence can help people gain better control of their dietary cravings.

6.      Curb your sweet tooth

Candy is the bane of many potentially fit people.

A way to stop yourself from eating more of the sugary delights is by switching over to candy that is heavily wrapped.

It gives you more time to think about the act and a study in Switzerland showed that this practice puts people off from eating more candy.

7.      Eat in a Brightly Lit Room

Whenever you go to a good restaurant, you may have noticed that they are very dimly lit.

The reason behind this ‘ambience’ is that low lights take away a person’s dietary inhibitions. So you eat more than you should.

Make sure that whenever you are eating you do it in a room that is brightly lit.

8.      Take one less bite of everything

Eating a plate of delicious pasta? Eat a few less bites of it than you usually do.

Drinking a bottle of ice cold beer? Take a couple of less sips of it.

Employ this in all your food and drinks, except water of course, and you will be able to lose some more pounds.

At first glance these tips may seem trivial or strange but once you give them a try you will start to see some results in no time.

What do you think? Will you give any of the tips above a try? Let us know by commenting below.