Eddie Hall And Hafþór Björnsson Bring The Mass To Dubai

The Beast and The Mountain

In a battle between two of the most powerful Titans in the industry. What has been dubbed the “Heaviest Boxing Match in History”, will take place on March 19th, 2022. Dubai will see the two strongest men of this generation lay down some extreme impacts in the ring come this Saturday. 

Both Hall and Thor have decorated histories with the World’s Strongest Man Competition, enjoying 25 top position holdings in a unique monopoly of pure power from 2010 onwards. Hall holds titles from the UK in the competition and his counterpart Thor has a similar history with Iceland on the World’s Strongest Man. 

Though the match has been in the works for a while neither of the two Ultra Heavyweights have any real boxing experience. RDX sits in our friend Eddie’s corner as he unites the boxing world and powerlifting world for this exhibition match. We expect a showdown that’s exhilarating for both fight fans and powerlifting fans, bringing the two sports together unlike ever before.

The fight was announced back in November 2020 and was scheduled for September 2021, however a detached bicep disabled The Beast from attendance. Due to which Devont ‘No Limits’ Larratt filled his spot. However the arm-wrestling legend lost to ‘The Mountain’ from ‘Game Of Thrones’ by technical knockout in the first round.

Despite the set back with his injury Eddie back in 2021, Hall underwent surgery and was up and running within two weeks. Videos of him training using the RDX ‘The Beast’ exclusive Mark series gloves began circling his social media. Meanwhile Thor had made it clear on Instagram, “When Eddie is ready, I’ll be waiting.”

Stat Comparison

Despite this, a more balanced, yet bizarre match up is expected to take place between Hafþór and Hall at Dubai. Both are similar in both strength and surprisingly reach too, with Thor having 5 inches of height on top of Eddie’s 6ft 3.

As far as weight goes the two giants have made huge efforts to lose weight in anticipation for the fight. Hall has dropped 30 kgs and Thor has lost 55 kgs. Both of them weigh in tomorrow, though their current weight statistics sit at, Thor at 142 kgs, and Eddie 152 kgs, with only ten kg separating the two leviathans.

What a spectacle we will witness come this Saturday between two monstrously built human specimens. The questions on everyone’s minds include: Will Eddie and Thor last the entire 6 rounds the match is set for? Whereas everyone is wishing to see the heaviest knockout ever in history. Will we be a part of the first “hand-made” earthquake? Will an RDX glove be the last item standing in what is possibly a nuclear match up? Find out all about “The Heaviest Boxing Match in History” with us this Saturday.