The Case of Gigantic Till!

What is it about the Walterweight that leads to such bizzare weight gain/reduction situations? Darren Till looks extremely huge in his current Instagram post where he is seen training for the walterweight with his coach.

Till has been trying for years to make 170 lbs, years! The 26 year old has identified the errors in his ways and is not moving upto 185 lbs and is preparing to face Kelivin Gastelum. It is still early to say that which of them willl have the size advantage. Tillโ€™s coach expressed concern about his terrible eating habits and weight gain.

Many fighters have ruined their health in a quest to gain or lose weight. Either to get size advantage or simply because it was hard for them to control their diet. Walterweights like Thiago Alves, Johnny Hendricks and Kelvin Gastelum pushed boundaries of cutting weight ovet the years. Hopefully Till can identify his reasons for the drastic weight gain and learn from them and find success at the higher weight class.