“The million dollars is really awesome. What a blessing that would be. But I’m not really focused on it.” Rory MacDonald.

The date has been set. Confirming the rematch of the season between MacDonald and Lima. The ‘Red King’ will once again get in the ring with Lima at Bellator 231. Which will take place at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., on Oct. 26, 2019.

With MacDonald’s title also on the line, MacDonald now knows he made the correct decision. The 30-year-old Canadian had to heal up multiple injuries and focus on his life with a newborn. The boxer’s statement regarding coming back in the ring was, “I couldn’t imagine doing my training camp through the summer,” MacDonald said. “I really needed some time for my injuries. I had injured my elbow in one of the fights. I had to go into the second fight with it. A little cut needed to heal.


“Plus, the situation in my house – (we were) welcoming my newborn and just getting acquainted and adjusted to that. It was impossible for me to show up earlier than what we scheduled.”

Bellator 232’s event will be the second time when MacDonald and Lima will get together in the ring.

Despite of beating Lima once, MacDonald thinks that there’s still something left to prove through a re-match, he insisted that winning a million dollars will be awesome but he is not really focused on that right now.