The Most Important Rules For Yoga Class

Bitten by the yoga bug? You’re not alone. Yoga is great for toning your body, improving your flexibility and relaxing. Whether you’re a beginner and want to take a couple classes to learn the basics, or you’re an enthusiast who loves the social aspect of a group class, there’s a lot to keep in mind when you sign up for a yoga class.

Keep Calm

Chatting with your pals at the gym may be the norm, but yoga is serious business that requires a lot of concentration. When you’re in yoga class, it’s important to remember that this is a place for meditation. Keeping calm and staying quiet will boost your concentration, and prevent you from disrupting others, too. You may whisper if need be, but if if you can avoid it, you better. Experts suggest that you need to keep it quiet and calm before entering or exiting the yoga room. Even if the class hasn’t started yet you have to maintain due silence.

No Electronics Allowed

To concentrate fully, come to class without your gadgets. If need be, leave them in a locker (provided your studio has one) or put them on silent during class. It’s important to be present and disconnect from the outside world while you focus on your breathing and form. Checking your messages, texting or making calls will interfere with your focus and others’, too. There are certain rules to having a great yoga session and this one is the most – leave the outside world outside.

Keep it Clean

You’re likely to sweat when you perform yoga and in a group setting, body odor can intensify. It’s important to come to class in clean clothes so you don’t make others uncomfortable with any ripe smells. Often times, an instructor may also need to correct your pose, and you don’t want to make things awkward for them. Take a shower before going to the studio and attend your yoga class with clean clothes to avoid making others uncomfortable.

Be Punctual

It’s important to respect others’ time and be punctual. If your class starts at 8 am, be there at 7: 55. If you are late for your class while others are trying to focus, it can disrupt their concentration and the instructor might have to repeat for you, which will waste even more time. It may also make others think you’re not serious about improving and learning. If your studio has limited parking, come ahead of time. If traffic holds you up, leave home early – or walk! Punctuality is key. Always try to keep some wiggle room on hand, not just for class but for all appointments in your daily life. Persistence will take you through so always try to be on time for your yoga class.

Skip Shoes & Perfumes 

It’s understandable to think perfume will help you avoid a post-yoga stink. Unfortunately, perfume is a big no no. Because yoga class is a group activity, you have to be mindful about others’ sensitivities to scents of all kinds. One more thing – be sure to take your shoes off before you step into class, and to place your shoes neatly outside the studio to maintain cleanliness.

Share Space

Most studios mark spaces for yoga mats. However, you may have to be mindful and share if the class is full. It’s important to be considerate of the space and scoot over when asked. The saying is “sharing is caring”. Make space! It will help you and the others around you.

Lastly, always remember that patience pays off so stick to it. It takes time to land into the yoga nirvana so don’t be hasty about it if you couldn’t find buzz in the very first class. You need to give it some time before deciding whether or not it is for you. It will take time for your physical and mental transformation through yoga. Don’t worry about what others are doing and what you cannot do at this point of time. Breathe in, keep the practice going and if you can feel the sensation—then congratulations: You’re doing yoga.