The Return Of Lyndon King Arthur

Wasserman boxing held a superb fighting event on Saturday 17th September 2022 at Bolton Whites Hotel (De Vere Whites) in Bolton. Lyndon King Arthur returned to the ring for the first time since his defeat against Anthony Yarde. His opponent Walter Gabriel Sequeira, a proven talent from the Argentinian circuit. Walter promised to make an upset of that match with his superior power and speed. 

Read our prefight analysis between these two excellent fighters!

Play By Play

Round 1 & 2

Both fighters were very professional going into the fight and showed each other a lot of respect during the press conferences and the pre fight events. As the referee started off the match Lyndon’s range became a major factor almost immediately. Using his powerful left jab to prevent his opponent from committing to forward pressure.

Although Sequeira displayed endurance and strength in response to the consistent aggression from Lyndon. He kept finding it hard to get enough room to set up a powerful combination or angle against Arthur. Arthur in the meantime would use his reach and height advantage to quickly gauge his opponent.

The following round saw Sequeira put more pressure on Arthur. Utilizing a peekaboo style to stay in the close range and attack the body of Lyndon. “El Yacare” managed to get decent pressure on Lyndon during the second round, utilizing the close range very effectively. However Lyndon would counter respond with his own powerful jabs and occasional right hooks to the body.

Round 3 

The fight showed who the clear favorite to win was in this round. The King dropped his opponent El Yacare who briefly took a knee and continued fighting. As he attempted to return inside the close range against Lyndon, he met another right hook. Once again Sequeira was knocked down before the round ended.  After that Walter Sequeira had no chance. King Arthur had sealed the deal. 

Round 4 & 5 

With the 4th round bell sounding both fighters try to find the finish one more time. However Arthur still looked like a fresh boxer and El Yacare had taken some significant damage to his stamina and endurance after that previous round. Sequeira kept getting cornered or finding himself in the clinch to avoid any further damage. Whereas Lyndon looked for the finisher. A minute left in the round Walter Gabriel complained about a punch that grazed the back of the head as he dodged out of the way. He took another knee to regain some of his stamina.

As the next round started Lyndon could smell the blood of “The Alligator”. Arthur began pushing forward a lot more aggressively forcing his opponent into the corner and the ropes. Sequeira was still in the fight, throwing counters every now and then but it was pretty clear that he couldn’t stand much more pressure from the wide awake and relatively fresh Lyndon.

Round 6

 Yacare’s strategy became just avoiding damage and making sure that he didn’t come under further fire. His shots stopped landing entirely as Lyndon dodged nearly all of them. With 40 seconds left in the round King Arthur landed a powerful uppercut that stunned the balance out of Siqueira’s knees. As Sequeira continued his combination from muscle memory he clearly lost directional awareness and missed the entire combo. Following that exchange the referee waved the fight complete.

Wrap Up

The Wasserman Boxing event was a brilliant display of fresher boxing faces entering into the scene to make their mark on boxing history. Recently signed Lyndon Arthur made an excellent debut for Wasserman and represented his team Blackflash Promotions in powerful fashion with a TKO victory. In his prior fight against Anthony Yarde, Lyndon came out with a loss. Since then he’s taken a near full year to recover and bring back the road to victory mindset he had before. 

RDX Sports couldn’t be more proud of Lyndon’s achievements. A comeback victory is certainly not easy and that too debuting for a new organization. But Arthur proved he will be reigning supreme under Wasserman Boxing and that he alone carries the sword to beat all his rivals. May his journey continue to see him rise and reach new heights with his deadly combinations.