Master class for developing KO power with best boxing gloves

In contact sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts, the fighter who possesses the power to knockout opponents with a single punch is feared the most. Boxing fans want to see big power hitters in action because they are exciting and unpredictable. They hold the power to end the fight in a flash.

With size comes power, that’s why heavyweight boxing is more popular among boxing fans as compared to middleweight and lightweight division. For some fighters power comes naturally but for most this is a skill that is learned over a period of time.

Not every fighter is blessed with this force and even if you have the power, using it with technique, timing and precision is another matter. The brute force that is delivered through boxing gloves, is originated from legs and hips. Stronger your legs and hip muscles, more power you can generate.

Let’s find out how you can develop knockout power with Boxing Gloves.

Add weight to workouts

One power punch is directly linked to strength, which comes from deadlifts. Lifting heavier weights help build arm muscles quickly and add more power to your punches. Make sure that you are lifting weights with proper technique.

Pick the correct workout

You shouldn’t be emphasizing on adding muscle to biceps only. Rather you should try different deadlift variations that will help you improve athletic power through the entire body. The speed with which you lift weights and bring them down is extremely important, include Olympic lifts in your workouts to help increase power and stamina. Add other exercises as well to develop in areas where you feel you need to improve.


Another great way to improve power is through Plyometrics. You can do box jumping, this exercise is not meant to add weight but rather to strengthen your legs and thighs. If you add a weighted vest to plyometrics routine it will add resistance to your training.


If you carry unwanted fats it will limit your speed, so remove all the ‘useless weight’ from your body by focusing on your daily diet. It will not only speed you up but also help improve lung capacity and muscle endurance. Unless a boxer receives a clean power shot to the head early on in the fight, most knockouts occur when the fighter is low on stamina in later stages of a fight. So it is better to have a backup plan when you are facing an opponent who has a good defense, someone who hardly ever makes a mistake. For such opponents you need to be well prepared to go the distance till the last round, but for this you need to have incredible stamina.

Transfer of Weight is the Key

There are many techniques in boxing which you can use to increase power. Professional boxers and trainers always emphasize on using weight while throwing a punch, because when you do that it gives you incredible power that can knockout any opponent. However, it is equally important that your punch is accurate otherwise your opponent can counter and knock you down instead. Key is to transfer weight from your back foot to your front, this is where most of your power is originated from and if proper connection is made it can be deadly.