Top 7 Tips for Weight Management

I begged it to leave me, and after so much hard work it was gone forever. But, now it is back with a bang and I am able to do nothing about it. Every chubby person has the complaints about their belly. This is why weight management is thought to be just as tough as weight loss.

Most trending topic for each year is none other than weight loss. Dieticians and pediatricians across every hook and corner are always ready to share dozens of weight-loss tips with you.

No one ever tells you how to maintain the weight once you have lost it.

We have shared weight loss tips with you in our previous posts. Now we are here to give you the advice that will help you keep it off.

 Weight management

7. Exercise for Weight Management

Go for at least 30 minutes of exercise for 5 days a week.

The more time you give to exercise, the better your weight control is. The best recommended duration of physical activity is 60-90 minutes per day for 5 days a week.

For a perfect energy balance, exercise helps to burn more calories along with increasing your metabolism.

If you can’t manage to go for the complex ones, you can always buy a skipping rope or a leg stretcher to exercise at home.

6. Eat a Lot of Protein

Proteins can reduce your appetite and make you feel like you don’t want to eat.

Though we agree that food is never enough, but consuming a lot of protein can scare away your hunger-boosting hormones.

Consuming protein can help you burn more calories per day for better weight regulation.

Every day, consume 30% of your calories by the intake of proteins (150 grams/2000 calorie diet).

5. Weigh Yourself Regularly

Keep a regular check on your weight. Though it is quite heart-breaking to see those figures on your weight machine but this is the best tip to regulate your weight.

It is a natural inclination that people who check their weight regularly will consume less calories.

A scientific study proves that those who check their weight 6 days a week will consume 300 fewer calories than those who don’t.

4. Count Your Calories

Never forget to jot down your calorie intake. There are various mobile apps that let you keep track of every calorie you consume.

You can also use a journal known as ‘My Calorie Counter’ to calculate your calories throughout the day.

University of Pittsburgh study suggests that counting calories is one of the most successful weight maintenance techniques.

3. Advance Meal Planning

Every weekend, sit down and plan your meals for the next week.

Your meal-by-meal plan might have more calorie count than your diet plan, but it will help you to keep a check on your daily intake.

Once you will sit down for pre-planning, you will automatically get conscious about what you are going to get into your mouth in the coming days.

2. Eat Plenty of Vegetables

Use of vegetables is the most natural and healthy solution available in the market. They offer less calories and more nutrients. Add a serving of vegetables in your every meal.

If vegetables have less calories, how are you going to entertain your hunger? The answer is simple.

Vegetables have a plenty of fiber that stimulate fullness and reduce your calorie intake per day.

1. Avoid Temptation

Best tip in the market for weight maintenance is to avoid temptation. It’s redundant but true.

Control your hunger and put a safe limit on your temptation.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t have your creamy dessert ever again, just limit its consumption. Divert your temptation and trick your brain into avoiding it eventually.

Food cravings

Do you have what it takes to resist the pull of your lovely chocolaty ice-cream on the menu card? Can you resist your sudden cravings of sweets?

Now that you are well aware of your weight management techniques, create your weight controlling program today and start following it instantly.