Track Tag: An Innovation Against Counterfeit Products


RDX Sports is proud to introduce “Track Tag”. Track Tag is an innovative way for customers to verify the authenticity of their RDX purchases!


In the world of combat sports and fitness, anything can happen. That’s why it’s important to use trusted brands and products, to minimize the risk of serious injury. Whether you’re a boxer, MMA fighter or a bodybuilder, your body deserves the best in support and protection.

RDX Sports believes that safety is the most important thing. We spend countless hours making sure that our products are at the forefront of innovative design and technology. Our primary concern is to make products safe for customers to use.

To combat unsafe, counterfeit products, we’ve launched the Track Tag. With Track Tag, verifying the authenticity of your products becomes super easy. Use Track Tag to know for a fact that your fists are in good hands.

Counterfeit products run rampant and you never know when you’re making an illegal purchase. The truth is that counterfeit RDX products simply cannot promise customer safety and protection like authentic RDX products can. This is why we encourage all RDX customers to verify the authenticity of their product.


The purpose of the Track Tag is to verify the authenticity of the item as an RDX Sports original. The Track Tag features a serial number and QR code. You can use these to track the product back to the source!

There are two ways to verify the authenticity of an RDX product,

First, scratch the card to reveal a security code. Then scan the QR code with your cell phone. Scanning the QR code will redirect you to Here, you will find a text bar, where you can feed the security code. This will allow you to verify the authenticity of your item.

Alternatively, you can simple open on a web browser on your device. Manually feed the security code to verify the authenticity of your item.

Either way, you’ll be able to verify the authenticity of your product in a flash!


What’s even cooler is that you get 10% off on your next purchase when you authenticate your product.


The Track Tag will give customers to have a quick, fuss-free experience when authenticating their newly purchased product.