Triceps Training – Working Out Your Tris To Add Definition And Mass

Though they are not culturally significant as their nearby cousins, but when the strength factor is in consideration, the importance of triceps cannot be ignored. Most gym-goers focus on enhancing their biceps which in reality constitute a lesser part of the arm. That is why tris workouts are a sacred virtue with which only pro athletes are familiar. Whether you want to enhance your overall upper body physique or are looking to gain some real arm power, now is the right time to notch up the backside of your arms. Developed triceps not only seem aesthetically pleasing but also improve punch strength or the speed of arm functions.

Anatomy Of The Triceps

Before you start with the tris workout, it is important to understand the anatomy of this muscle. Also referred to as triceps brachii muscle, the three-headed muscle is located on the backside of the upper limb and helps the elbow in extension and contraction. The triceps aids in a variety of functions including writing, force generation and control of elbow or shoulder in sudden commotions. When the heads of the three muscles are worked on, they form a distinct shape similar to a horse-shoe.


Triceps can be worked upon with both compound arm exercises and isolation exercises. However, in order to effectively aim for the growth of the triceps, it is better to perform exercises with a closer grip, as they target the horse-shoe muscle directly.

Triceps Workout

There are a lot of perspectives when it comes to triceps training. Usually people believe that higher number of repetitions help in adding definition your horse-shoe muscle. However, there are some fitness enthusiasts that believe that in order to target the triceps muscle, you need to work only a few days in a week. While others still believe that the best way to enhance the overall feel of your arm is to perform compound exercises. Before you pass any judgment, be mindful about the following facts.

Everybody is unique, so is every triceps muscle

Like each one of us is different, every triceps muscle also responds uniquely to different exercises. For some people compound exercises may be enough to protrude their triceps. However, majority of the athletes are unable to achieve this effect, until they work on their horse-shoe muscles directly. Therefore, before you adopt or discard any workout, it’s necessary for you to know how the major muscle in your upper limb respond to your chosen workout regime.

Don’t discard compound exercises

If your triceps are more receptive to isolation exercises, keep performing compound exercises. Compound exercises are an excellent way to add size and strength to your upper body.

A single heavy workout is enough for a week

While training, it is crucial to keep the volume of the exercise into account. The rule of the thumb is that heavier the load you carry, the lesser times you can do it in a week to avoid the risk of overtraining. But when we talk about triceps workout, it is worth considering that they are already involved in most of the pushing movements.  Therefore, if compound exercises are already part of your fitness plan, it’s best to cut the number of reps for the triceps workout. This way you will stimulate growth by adding extra pressure on your upper arms.

Following are a few triceps workout that will help you increase the definition and volume while adding strength to your arms.

Workout 1 – Cable Rope Pushdown

The cable rope pushdown exercise is specifically designed to target the triceps for an increased volume and extra strength. Add the rope to a high pulley and grab the other end with your hands in such a manner that your palms are downwards. Draw your abs in and pull the rope towards your thighs. While pushing the rope towards the thighs, split it in way that the arms are the sides and the triceps muscle is isolated . Stay in this position for around 10 seconds. Slowly revert to the starting position. Perform 20 reps.

Photo: RDX Gym Training Triceps Rope

Workout 2 – Close Grip Bench Press

A compound workout that is very useful in targeting the core and the chest, and also helps develop the triceps when the grip is altered. Lie flat on a bench, your face turned towards the ceiling and feet touching the floor. Hold the bar in such a way that your hands are close together; the thumbs touching each other. Pick the barbell and extend your arms above your chest. Pause for few seconds and reverse the action bringing the barbell close to your chest. Perform 20 reps.

Prevent the barbell from bouncing when it nears your chest as it can lead to serious injury.