‘Triple Take’: Elias Theodorou cut from UFC

Following a report from MMA world, UFC has released four fighters including the Canadian ‘Ultimate Fighter’, Elias Theorodou.

Elias Theodorou, the Canadian middleweight is well known for his overall success inside the octagon. He secured a victory in “The Ultimate Fighter: Nations” back in April 2014. During his UFC tenure, the 31-year-old won 8 of his 11 fights under the UFC banner. Theodorou is no doubt the biggest of the names cut from UFC. The TUF Nations winner also carries himself well on social media, despite all his wins.

Performance speaks for itself

Following the news that UFC released a successful fighter like Theodorou, MMA Junkie’s Ben Fowlkes spoke at length in the recent edition of ‘Triple Take’. Talking about Theodorou’s final UFC performance, the columnist commented on the termination of the Canadian middleweight.

“For an abundantly aggressive and not terribly patient fighter like Brunson, Elias Theodorou presented an interesting test. Theodorou won’t stand there and brawl. He won’t stand there at all. If you want to get your hands on him, you have to go looking for him. If you get careless in the process, he can make you pay.”

MMA Junkie’s Steven Marrocco further continued the evaluation of fight;

“It’s not easy to short circuit the frustratingly elusive Canadian. But Brunson proved again it could be done with solid wrestling chops and patient counters. Theodorou is an original in a sport full of cardboard cutouts. He makes his herky-jerky style work against opponents who look like they should clobber him. But if he wants to beat guys like Brunson, he’ll need to come up with a better strategy. Being eccentric will keep you around. But eventually you have to be effective.”

It’s OK to be cut isn’t a great message for fighters

Since MMA is not only based on losing or winning a fight, it’s about entertainment, and Theodorou’s last fight left a lot to be desired. It was on those grounds that the UFC made the choice to let him go.

Shortly after UFC confirmed the release of Elias Theodorou, MMA Junkie’s Fernanda Prates tweeted her thoughts on it.