Tyron Woodley Heads Out Of Octagon Until Next Year Giving Colby Covington A Chance To Spar

With his unique ability to subdue his opponents, Tyron Woodley doesn’t need to prove his caliber to his doubters. His recent fourth title defense fight where the Chosen One brutally trampled upon British prodigy Darren Till was a loud reminder that he indeed was the king of welterweight division. Where the win added another badge on his chest, it opened up a wound that now requires a surgery. A surgery means that the 36-year-old artist would have to stay away from the octagon till next year.

According to reports from media, the American artist suffered a hand injury while dispatching a surprising defeat to opponent Darren Till via second round submission in UFC 228. Post-surgery the Chosen One wouldn’t be able to compete in any UFC event for a period of 8-12, keeping him sidelined from the octagon. This means that Woodley’s fans weren’t be seeing him in any other fight this year.

Last year in July, American artist’s third title defense fight against Demian Maia ended up with an improved fight resume and an injured shoulder forcing him to stay out of UFC’s realm for most part in 2018. His return inside the cage in September ended up with another victory and injury putting his future fights on pause again.

And this is what exactly infuriated his next opponent Colby Covington, who has been vocal on social media forums for a chance to square off with the welterweight champ since his win over Darren Till.

Chaos bagged interim championship for 170 lbs. in July and was scheduled to face off Woodley for the title bout. However, all his hopes were whitewashed as the reigning champ had to undergo a sinus surgery.

Following the news of Woodley’s upcoming surgery and his absence from the cage again, Colby Covington was ready to spit venom on social media. This is what the 30-year-old artist had to say about the news of Woodley staying away from octagon on Twitter.

“That brittle bitch fights 1.5 rounds in 14 months and needs another “surgery?” Quit playing games Tyrone. You know whenever those nerds get done putting you back together, I’m just gonna tear you apart and end you for good. Accept your fate or be stripped of your No. 1 contender spot.”

Prior to Woodley’s surgery news, Covington was hoping to lock horns in an agonizing welterweight affair as part of UFC 230 in New York. However, his dreams have come crashing down with the recent news.

Most probably, Colby Covington would also stay away from UFC’s limelight as UFC President Dana White previously stated that Chaos would be taking on Tyron Woodley next.

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