Tyson Fury Demands An Investigation Into Judge Alejandro Rochin’s Controversial Scorecard

As much the sport of boxing is idiosyncratic, its scorecards are often a wonder to marvel at. As the controversial Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury scorecard was announced to a raging audience in LA on Saturday night, Fury was surprisingly tranquil.

The Briton boxer had been challenged by American Deontay Wilder for a title fight with the two pugilists entering the ring with their undefeated status.

As the two boxing powerhouses collided, Fury, who was the underdog started taking control of the fight. This made the unbeaten Bronze Bomber toil harder against his opponent, as he dispatched two KO’s landing Fury on the canvas. It appeared that the momentum of the fight had shifted in Wilder’s direction, until Fury got up flabbergasting everyone, with the decision moving to the judges.

Many predicted the decision to tilt in Fury’s direction. While two broadcasters, Showtime and BT sport, had the decision in Gypsy King’s favor, the tables were turned and the ruling came out to be a split-draw.

The Briton boxer was disappointed at the results. While speaking at a press conference on Sunday, Fury expressed his exasperation at Judge Alejandro Rochin, who ruled the fight in Deontay’s favor 115-111.

According to Tyson Fury,

“To be honest with you, I’ve never seen a worse decision in my life. I don’t know what fight them judges are watching. The guy that had it 115-111, he had me losing the first six rounds and I don’t know what he was watching. But this is boxing and it’s not the first time this has happened. I think this is as bad of a decision as the first Lennox Lewis, (Evander) Holyfield fight.”

He further added,

”It’s stuff like this that gives boxing a bad name. Reports like this, all the media today will report bad stuff. Controversy, this that and the other. Everybody in boxing is saying it’s a very controversial thing. Time and time again we see it.”

Boxing’s scorecards are often a cause of angst for boxing fans. The controversial GGG vs. Canelo fight results caused a chaos amongst the sport’s fans.

Tyson Fury is still not ready to accept the ruling passed by Rochin. He has asked WBC to probe into the matter and decide a penalty for Alejandro Rochin.

According to Briton boxer,

“He needs banning from boxing forever because he can’t judge clearly. What was his name? Rochin needs sacking. Because even without the knockdowns, he still had me losing the fight.”

There is no news whether WBC would be looking into the matter. As of now, Fury considers himself to be an unbeaten champ who won an easy fight.

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