With Chimaev Vs Diaz and Ferguson Vs Li Jingliang – What more can one ask for?

UFC 279 will take place this Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. And Khamzat Borz Chimaev versus Nate Diaz are on the main card event. There’s plenty of buzz around the main event clash and excitement to witness Tony El Cucuy Ferguson vs Li Jingliang as the surprise co-main event. As Tony makes an unexpected move up to the welterweight division, his fans are super excited to see his fight.

The Co-Main Event

Before landing straight into the main event, let’s talk about the unforeseen shift in Tony’s strategy. We all know that Tony is a formidable opponent and to take him lightly for his recent losses could be a mistake. 

Whereas, his opponent, Jingliang “The Leech ” Li, currently ranked 14th in the UFC welterweight rankings, is a hard hitter but has defensive susceptibilities that have prevented him from breaking through to elite status. It looks like he would climb mountains to secure a win against the future Hall of Famer Ferguson to re-begin his climb to the top 10. 

At one time, Tony Ferguson was one of the most feared fighters on the UFC roster. During his impressive dominance in the UFC, he never failed to put forth performances that showcased well-rounded violence with an underlying note of durability in his own regard.

We at RDX support the boogeyman who is back bigger, badder and hungrier to haunt his opponent Li Jingliang. It will be an entertaining fight to watch. Fans love Tony and he loves them back by signing up for fights that keep them entertained and at the edge of their seats. 

Khamzat’s Interview Reveals His Eagerness To Fight  

Khamzat was interviewed by ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto a few days back to discuss his upcoming clash with Nate Diaz. And to know his thoughts on Leon Edwards knocking out Kamaru Usman. Here’s what he said in the interview:

[embed-YT] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE0QyFSWK2U[/embedyt]

Khamzat being the unbeatable wolf hungry for the title shot, he serves to be a formidable opponent for Nate Diaz. Many have predicted that Nate would not be able to succeed in his final bout in the UFC as he is pitted against Khamzat, who without doubt, is just built differently.

When Khamzat was asked what he expects from Nate Diaz at Thursday’s pre-fight press conference and Friday’s weigh-ins. Khamzat replied: 

“Actually, when he speaks, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t understand so much. I don’t think the guy’s talking in good English. He smokes too much, so that’s why his English is a bit different. My English is not perfect as well.”

Khamzat Chimaev told Brett that he is super energetic and all set to fight Nate. He said: 

“We will see what happens. I’m gonna have some fun and sit there. If he wants to fight with his team,. I’ll have like 20 guys with me. We’ll fight with him, all the teams… I would love it if something went crazy.”

When asked about if he is ready for the fight, he said that his profession is to fight and he’s ready to fight anytime, Khamzat continued by saying:

“If they wanna fight before (Saturday). I don’t care about the money brother, I’m gonna fight with them. I love to fight. It’s what I love, my work is to fight. I’ve been born for war. I’m, inside, a warrior… when the fights come, you don’t care about money; just fight. We will see what happens.”

Borz – The Undefeated Warrior

Everyone knows how spectacular Khamzat was in his last UFC 273 fight. He was able to defeat #3 Gilbert Burns, a world cup BJJ medalist and a three time BJJ World Champion.

All this led him to rise from being ranked at 11 to become one of the top contenders at number 3. Maintaining his win streak like a true Pro fighter. There’s no surprise Khamzat is a fan favorite to watch who keeps both professionals and critics hyped and at the edge of their seats. His style of powerful standup and simultaneous wrestling to smesh his opponents, gives him great potential to dominate his weight class.

Much more can be said and still would not be enough to express how hard it might get for anyone to fight against the rising star “Borz”. However, Nate fans would definitely love to see him fight against Khamzat and score his final win. 

Nate – A Tough Competitor

Nate is currently on a losing streak after a defeat in his last two bouts against Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal. And the odds are stacked against him, it would still be naive to think that he has no chance or won’t be able to score a win again. We know how tough of an opponent Nate can be. And how much effort and endurance he’ll put into winning his retirement fight under his UFC contract. However, we wish Nate the best of luck against the likes of a beast like Borz. But RDX Sports knows who we’re backing, and we will be Team SmeshBros all the way.


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