UFC Welterweight Austin Hubbard Passes Out in the Elevator and lands in Surgery!

UFC welterweight Austin Hubbard passed out in the hotel elevator due to a medical emergency called “Compartment Syndrome”. Well we wouldn’t have known about it until we found out that it happened to Austin.

The compartment syndrome builds up excess pressure in the enclosed muscle space that occurs when there is bleeding or swelling after an injury. It is a legit medical emergency that requires immediate treatment as it restricts the blood flow, which became the reason for Austin passing out.

Austin scored his first octagon win of his career by outpointing Kyle Prepolec at UFC Vancouver event last weekend and had to host his victory after party inside an operation theater getting his leg wide cut in order to get rid of the swelling.

Austin’s teammates have reported that, “it’s like when you go to the grocery store and you pick up a watermelon and you feel how tight it is, that’s how his upper leg felt,” teammate Curtis Blaydes. “It was hard. It was pretty scary, but thankfully everything was able to be taken care of in a timely manner and we’re just expecting him to make a full recovery now.”

Austin is expected to get discharged next week.

The 27 year old fighter took it to his Instagram and wrote, “Well not exactly the way I wanted to spend my night celebrating,” “Had to have surgery last night due to the swelling in my leg was so bad it make me pass out which then I was taken to the hospital and had to have my leg cut open to relieve the swelling.”