Mayweather vs Pacquiao- Fight of the century

‘Fight of the Century’ proved that it’s called so for valid reasons. What we just witnessed is perhaps the biggest and the best performance in the history of Boxing. The eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao and the five division world Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. were able to give a performance worth remembering.

While everyone was whining about the high ticket prices and the high PPV rates, no one is complaining now. The performance was totally worth every paid for it. Right from the beginning of the event, to the undercard to the very end of the bout between the two legendary bouts, the event absolutely kept the audience mesmerized.

Boxing is all about uncertainty, one rightly landed punch is better than a 100 jabs which does not land. The bout proves this; both Mayweather and Pacquiao were able to deliver a performance worth remembering. According to the fans that came out of the MGM Grand Arena, the bout was absolutely worth the entire wait.


The bout started with great zeal and enthusiasm. Mayweather’s entry was absolutely matching his stature. Similarly, Pacquiao’s song absolutely heated the environment and motivated Pacquiao’s fans.


The undercard fights of the event at MGM were absolutely great. Although they were no match for the main event of the night but nonetheless they were able to keep the audience engaged and the performances were lauded by the spectators present in the arena.


Here is a brief summary of how the bout went:

Round 1:

Wearing Yellow Truck Pacquiao is in the ring along with the undefeated US champion Mayweather, who is wearing golden black trunk. Floyd used his powerful right punches early into the bout. Mayweather has apparently improved his speed. Mayweather then hit a hard right hand and Pacquiao couldn’t even comprehend what hit him. Mayweather’s yesterday’s claim seems right when he said that he is going to be defensive from the very beginning. He is giving a very great performance in first round so far. Pacquiao is yet to make his way into Mayweather’s defense. Pacquiao is getting exposed to Mayweather’s rights every time he tries to make his way towards Mayweather. Mayweather seems to have crafted the strategy precisely for Pacquiao. Pacman looks a bit frustrated at the end of the round.


Pacquiao tried an uncoordinated attack but Mayweather easily dodged it using sidestep. Pacquiao started pushing Mayweather back but Mayweather hits back using his left punches. Mayweather continuous brilliant performance is leading the crowd to boo at Pacquiao. Mayweather is unexpectedly fast and pretty furious today. Pacquiao’s footwork is comparatively slower than normal. Electrified crowd is chanting for Pacquiao now. Loud cries of ‘Manny’ can be heard across the Arena. Mayweather moves backward as Pacquiao forwards in but then did some counter back with his right punches. Pacquiao delivered a hard left at the end of the round making his presence felt in the ring. Pacquiao has an upper hand so far!

Round 3:

Mayweather is making good use of his right punches and has kept Pacquiao in control. Pacquiao strike back and pushed Mayweather back to corner, but Mayweather is confident and he regains his superiority by hitting Pacquiao back. Pacquiao, for reasons unknown, is slow today. Mayweather held Pacquiao’s head down, for which he was warned by the referee. Pacquiao strike back once again and was having an upper hand over Mayweather during the end of the round, but he needs to do more to emerge victorious.

Round 4:

Pacquiao has now showing his presence but can he take over Mayweather’s right hand punches? Mayweather missed a right cross he threw in order to knock Pacquiao out. Pacman connect a straight left to knock back Mayweather. Mayweather appears hurt. Pacquiao unleashed the animalistic instinct and Mayweather does not know what to do. The light speed punches left Mayweather helpless reeling against the ropes. A few punches breaks into Mayweather’s defense doing some real damange. He looks hurt from the way he nods his head after he emerged from the attack. Pacquiao is taking swiftly over this round. Mayweather’s over defensiveness is a welcoming call for Pacquiao who knows well how to keep the American in check. Mayweather who was retaining an initial superiority, would need to work hard to keep the unstoppable Pacman in control.

Round 5:

Taking several hits, Mayweather is getting slower than he was in the beginning and is throwing several rights. Once again he held Pacquiao’s head down but went unnoticed by referee. Pacquiao’s nonstop attach is forcing Mayweather back to his shell of jabs and defensiveness. Pacquiao has been neutral this round slightly less aggressive than his earlier round. Mayweather is regaining his strength.

Round 6:

Pacquiao knows it’s time for him to fight back strongly. He started actively after the bell but his punches aren’t landing where he wants them to be. Mayweather is hit with a strong left cross. Mayweather is back reeling with the ropes while Pacquiao continues attach and threw two handed combination to the head and body. Pacquiao’s speed is worth watching. Mayweather nods his head showing that he is unhurt, but we know Pacquiao already did some damage. Pacquiao remains on top in the round.

Round 7:

Mayweather is trying to regain his earlier position. Mayweather is aggressive now. Mayweather hold Pacquiao again but still no warning from the referee. He then threw a right hood. A left hit from Pacquiao cut opens Mayweather lips and there is blood. The boxing demi-god has bled, Pacquiao seems unstoppable now. Mayweather is using his jabs to continue the fight but Pacquiao is constantly looking for a chance to hit back the American. A close rounds, but Pacquiao seems to have a slight edge.

Round 8:

Pacquiao threw a double punch combination but couldn’t continue the pace. Pacquiao is not countering Mayweather’s right punches and is walking back into straight right of Mayweather fearless. Mayweather’s reach is going to define the future of the bout. Mayweather retaliates and hit back the Pacman. Using aggressiveness and counterpunches he is making his way. The round remains close Mayweather slightly on top. It’s going to be a mix result on the scorecard and a tough call.

Round 9:

Pacquiao’s has slowed his head movement, which can make him vulnerable to hits and can be a problem for him. Mawyeather is stepping back now, while Pacquiao is chasing him around the ring. Crowd is changing for Pacquiao once against. Pacquiao pushed Mayweather t ropes and squared him up right there but Mayweather escaped the grip. Pacquiao once against pushed Mayweather back against the roeps at the end of the round and threw combinations which may not have hurt the American but yet stylish enough to score him some points. Mayweather’s defense is however, doing him good and is saving him and giving him a slight edge as he keeps himself safe.

Round 10:

Pacquiao pushed Mayweather back to the corner and unleashed a streak of punches that couldn’t reach Mayweather as such due to his defense. Pacquiao is still having hard time defensing Mayweather’s right punches. Pacquiao’s left landed, who is now looking slightly tired. Mayweather hits back and is throwing heavy punches which are missed and Pacman is safe and came straight and made a direct linear attack. An attack Mayweather can’t deal with. The bout is getting more and more interesting. The chances of draw are not gone; it’s time to look for our winner. Pacquiao would need to give the best he can, it’s the right time for him now.

Round 11:

Mayweather takes control of the round from very beginning by throwing two punch combinations. Mayweather is rebouncing now and is giving beautiful performance. Pacquiao may have slowed but nonetheless is still fast and aggressive enough. A left jab snaps Pacquiao and outboxed him. Quite a round for Mayweather.

Round 12:

Bout enters the final round. Pacquiao is not doing enough, perhaps due to the fear of exposing him to Mayweather’s last round hits. Or perhaps because of Mawyeather’s hits, he is unable to counter right now, but he is not the man to surrender this easily. Pacquiao strikes yet again while pushing Mayweather back. Pacquiao seems to have upper hand in the last round, but we are yet to see if its enough for him to win.


Mayweather is Victorious!

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are undoubtedly the best and amazing boxers of the contemporary boxing world. But there can be only one winner and Mayweather Jr. proved that he rightly deserves the title of the “pound-for-pound king”. His performance was spectacular and although Pacquiao did a very great job with his offensive fight, he was unable to withstand the mighty American pugilist who has proved he is a great boxer if not the greatest. A few days ago when Mayweather said that he is the greatest, everyone was taunting him, but perhaps most of them are now feeling cynical for underestimating a legend in the making. Mayweather’s overall performance was better and it’s the reason why the Filipino boxer was unable to make his way through the defensive style of Mayweather. It is yet, unclear whether Mayweather will retire after the bout or he would continue his streak of victories.


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