USADA Suspends Frota for 2 years as a Result of Violation.

UFC’s women flyweight Sarah Frota was suspended as a result of USADA of an in competition drug test conducted at UFC 240 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

According to the report deduced by USADA, the Brazilian fighter tested positive for multiple stanozolol metabolites, including 16α-hydroxystanozolol, 3, 16-dihydroxystanozolol, and 4β,16-dihydroxystanozolol in a urine sample provided the day of the show.

Frota, (9-2 MMA, 0-2 UFC) lost a second round TKO to Gillian Robertson on the card.

Previously Dmitrii Smoliakov and C.B. Dollaway have also faced USADA suspension recently.