Mayweather vs Pacquiao- Was the fight worth it?

With “Fight of the Century” over and Mayweather emerging victorious in front of the glamorous star studded jam packed MGM Grand Arena, there is general perception that the bout did not quench the thirst of boxing fans as was expected. The fight was expected to rejuvenate the old spirit and zeal of boxing, but what concluded was nothing but a Money-event.

The bout, which has been five years in the making, brought in an estimated $400 million in total revenue. However, that money proved worthless in worth of the entertainment it brought. According to a USAToday report, the bout was tag of time and money.

The bout was nothing more than a boring 12-round affair. The first few rounds found Mayweather to be in good form, but Pacquiao took over the lead in the fourth round. Afterwards, the Mayweather danced and pranced around in the ring and Pacquiao tried in vain to land something successfully.

Although a fairytale expectation, but fans were expecting the win on either end to come via knockout. In the end, the unanimous decision brought little consolation to fans around the globe who had been waiting for this bought for the past half a decade.

Similarly, the overall fight by Mayweather, which was filled with fouls was not worthy of the undefeated champion’s caliber. On the other hand, Pacquiao’s speed was not good enough as it was supposed to be. His footwork was unimpressive and by the tenth round, his head movement had slowed to a great extent as well.

For the fanatic boxing population, the bout was a mere wastage of time and money. Despite the star studded stadium and the glitz and glamour surrounding the fight, the fight itself had little meaning and electricity. There are rumors in the air about a possible re-match in September, but there has been no official statement on the issue ever since.