7 Ways to Stop Overeating

Do you have moments where you just can’t avoid eating more than you intended to? No matter how hard you try you just don’t know how to stop overeating?? Fret not, we know exactly what you are going through and we have a plan to help you stop.

Below you will find some familiar situation where you are pushed towards eating more and right below them we will tell you how you can avoid or solve these situations.

Hunger hormones

1.      Stop Overeating Healthy Food

Whenever you are eating something healthy, chances are you will eat more of it because you think it’s good for you.

We stop paying attention towards the calorie count when the food is labelled as diet or low calorie. But when you are eating more of it, you are not actually consuming low calories.

Fight Plan

Pay attention to the calorie count of every food you eat.

When you are eating, try to eat slower.

You aim, when you are eating, should be to be satisfied not be full.

2.      Eating Snacks from a Bag

Healthy, unhealthy, or somewhat unhealthy snacks all come in bags nowadays.

And when you are eating something from a bag, you will keep reaching in and eating without comprehending how much you have eaten.

Sometimes you will surprise yourself after you have eaten the whole bag.

Fight Plan

This one is simple, when you get a large sized bag of snack you should take it out of the bag.

Divide into smaller portions. Take one portion and step away from the rest of it.

You can store the snacks, if they can survive, to eat later.

Resist the urge to go back and get more. Eating snacks slowly can help with that.

3.      Desserts at Work

No one can resist the office doughnuts or office birthday cakes.

There is always someone who will bring in freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and put them right where you can smell them.

Hard to resist.

You won’t even be hungry when these overeating opportunities are in front of you but you will still eat.

Fight Plan

Pack healthy snack with your lunch.

Whenever you get a whiff of something delicious, start munching on your snacks.

They will also give you an excuse when someone insists that you take one cookie.

You can say, ‘I just had a snack sorry’.

Another way would be to let everyone know about your weight loss or healthy lifestyle goals and ask them to support you.

But if that doesn’t work, stick to plan A.

4.      Combo Meals at Restaurants

Whenever you are ordering food at a restaurant, especially at fast food places, the employee will tell you about a great combo meal that will cost you less and include more food in it.

It is hard to say no to a great deal like that.

You gladly say, yes please add those extra calories to my meal.

Fight Plan

First, you shouldn’t be in a fast food place if you are trying to lose weight.

If it’s your ‘cheat’ day, then you can repeat this “saving a few pennies is not worth putting all those calories in your body”.

Choose to drink water with the meal instead of other fizzy drinks. Water can help you lose weight.

5.      Eating from Large Plates

Research has shown that if people eat in a large plate, they are likely to put more food on it.

If you fill the plate halfway, you will feel like you aren’t eating enough. Your mind will trick you into getting more so you are satisfied.

Afterwards, you will also guilt yourself into cleaning all that food.

Fight Plan

Use smaller plates or preferably small bowls.

They will make you feel like you are eating more than you actually are.

You should also use smaller spoons or forks to eat.

6.      All you can Eat Buffets

Buffets are built to make you eat more than you actually want.

All those delicious cuisines in front of you, how can you just have one?

Fight Plan

Avoid whenever possible.

If you can’t, then go around the buffet and see all the food types available.

Stick to the advice above and get a smaller plate and take just one dish.

Make it the healthiest one available.

When you have the option of choosing the buffet or the menu, go with the menu.

7.      Food Advertisement

This may not be surprising but food adverts are made to trigger your appetite.

The coloring, the display, the serving, etc. are all engineered to make you feel hungry. And it works too.

After you see something like that you will want to eat a snack or exactly what you saw on TV.

Fight Plan

The best option is to get up and take a walk when ads come on.

When you forget to do that, mute the TV.

Medicine Ball

The last resort is to take a second to think if you are really hungry or did the ad make you want to eat.

Follow the fight plans given above and you should be able to stop overeating.

Always have a fitness routine to maintain or achieve a desirable fitness level.

Do these two things and you shouldn’t have any problems in your journey towards weight loss.