7 best Ways to Trick Hunger Hormones for Weight loss

In the last blog we detailed the 3 hunger hormones responsible for regulating your appetite. Just to remind they are Leptin, Ghrelin, and Neuropeptide Y. These are the 3 saboteurs that are in some way responsible for derailing your weight loss goals.

You have to control the levels of these hormones and you need a strategy to trick them so your weight loss efforts don’t have to be impaired.

You are in luck because we have just the tips to help you develop that tricky strategy;

1.      Stretch your Stomach for Weight Loss

By stretch your stomach we don’t mean overeat.

We mean that you have to eat foods that stretch the lining of your stomach.

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Foods that are high in fiber, like fruits, whole grains, nuts, etc.

These foods regulate the hormones and make your stomach feel fuller, even when you eat small amounts of them.

Most of the foods that you have given up for your diet, like cookies, cakes, white pasta, etc. they don’t stretch the walls of your stomach. Essentially, you will want to keep eating them even after you have had a big portion.

2.      Add Omega 3 to your Diet

Leptin is the hormone that decreases your hunger, so you have to keep it happy at all times.

Omega 3 can help improve the communication between leptin and your brain by reducing inflammation.

This improve in communication helps leptin reduce your appetite.

Omega 3 is present in salmon, trout, walnuts, etc.

3.      Adopt a low Fat Diet

People who are already working on losing weight must be off fatty foods.

If you are not, then you should reduce the fat content in your diet significantly. The reason being that high fat content in your diet increases the hormone ghrelin.

Ghrelin is responsible for increasing your appetite. More ghrelin means you will be hungry a lot.

4.      Low Fructose content

Foods that have a lot of fructose in them are similar to high fat foods because they too increase the production of ghrelin.

But they are doubly damaging because they also prevent the production of leptin, which inhibits your hunger.

You will want more food after you have had something with high fructose content.

5.      Sleep well

Sleep is mentioned in every diet and weight loss tips that you have ever read, want to know why?

Because it helps to lower ghrelin and increase leptin production. This reason is why you will feel like eating more when you are sleep deprived.

6.      Fitness and Workout Regimen

No matter what kind of diet you have, even if it is perfect, you still won’t lose weight without sticking to a fitness or workout routine.

Regular exercise helps the body increase leptin levels.

Perfect reason to start exercising. Why not give boxing a try? It is high in intensity and burns a lot of calories. So get the gear and start boxing.

7.      Lower Stress Levels

Cortisol, also referred to as the stress hormone, is one evil hormone.

It is the reason your body craves carbs and fatty foods. You have to adopt different measures to lower your stress levels.

Take a walk around a park or listen to your favorite tunes. This will help lower this hormone and have a productive impact on the hunger hormones as well.

Most people don’t have any idea about hunger hormones and role they play in their weight loss and fitness plans.

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These tips will help you find a way to keep each of the hormones at a desirable level.

This way you can eat the amount of food that you need and achieve your fitness goals a little easily.