10 Evidence-Based Weight Management Tips

When it comes to weight management, you get showered with a lot of “bro-science.” Though the counsels may appear convincing, what you always hear may not be true. In a quest to lose weight and then manage it, people are advised to carry on crazy things without any scientific backing.

To ensure that your weight management is effective, consider these research backed tips that guarantee positive results.

Consume Water Before Meals

The most common claim about weight loss is that consuming a lot of water helps lose pounds. This is actually true, as drinking water helps increase metabolism up to 30%, burning your calories in around one and half hour.

According to research, if you consume half litre of water 30 minutes before eating your meal, it will help control your calorie intake while shedding around 44% of weight.

Add Eggs In Breakfast

Whole eggs come with a variety of benefits including weight loss. Studies show that replacing eggs with grain-based products in your breakfast can help you stay away from excessive calorie consumption during 36 hours, while letting you shed more weight and body fat. In case you aren’t able to get your hands on eggs then you should include any source of quality protein to achieve similar results.

Consume Green Tea

Well, you heard it right, Green tea really has a lot of benefits. Green tea consists of caffeine along with antioxidants called catechins. The caffeine works with the catechins to stimulate fat burning process. Though there is still some doubt, many studies claim that consuming green tea helps lose weight.

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Cook Foods In Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains special fats known as chain triglycerides which help enhance metabolism up to 120 calories per day. It also helps in curbing appetite, limiting calorie consumption up to 256 calories per day. It is important to note that adding coconut oil on top of the food that you consume doesn’t help in weight loss. Rather you should substitute it with your current cooking oil to achieve your weight loss goals.

Use Small Dishware

Several studies show that using smaller plates and dishware while consuming foods can help you restrict your calorie intake.

Enjoy Eating Spicy Foods

Indulge into your spicy food cravings as they keep your weight management goals intact. Foods such as Cayenne pepper contain Capsaicin that helps increase metabolism while decreasing your appetite.

Scan Food Labels

Scan food labels when you go shopping. This is quite handy for your weight management, as it can help you know the ingredients of the products that you are consuming.

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Use Portion Control Diet

Portion control diet helps you getting maximum nutrients by including small portions of different food sources in your meals. It is effective to keep you aware of what you are consuming, limiting your intake of unhealthy foods.

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Perform Aerobic Workouts

An ideal way to burn off your calories and shed your fat is to perform aerobic workouts. They are particularly useful to burn stubborn belly fat that grows around organs decelerating metabolism.