6 Principles of Weight Management

After you have looked at weight management and weight loss diet plans online and prepared a plan that will work for you, you have only done about 1 percent of what you need to do.

Next comes the hard part, losing the weight.

After that comes the hardest part, managing the healthy weight.

You are already exhausted by all the efforts you have put in to the process so far and the confusing information just makes it worst.

We have gathered 6 simple principles that you should adhere to ensure that there is no confusion when you want to live a healthy life;

Weight Management Principles

Weight Management

1.      Calculate Calorie Count

The first and most important principle for weight management, and weight loss as well, is calculating the amount of calories that you need to consume in a day. Here is a great tool that can tell you what amount of calories you should be consuming every day to maintain your current weight.

You have to put in your gender, age, weight and height in the calculator and it will display the results.

You can also learn the calorie count for losing weight, for those who still want to lose those last couple of pounds.

This is a healthy way to lose weight and maintain it. People who dramatically cut down their calories can cause permanent harm to their bodies.

Only after you have adopted this principle, can you move on to all the rest of them.

2.      Protein in your Diet

A lot of people take the protein out of their diet once they have met their weight loss goals.

This is a mistake.

You need to make the proteins a permanent part of your diet.

Dietitians suggest that people who want to lose weight, or live a healthier life, should consume proteins in at least 2 meals during the day.

You should eat eggs or yogurt in the morning.

Chicken or fish at lunch or dinner. The lean protein will help you build muscle and make you feel fuller.

3.      Don’t Cut Out the Carbs

We have already talked about the good carbs and the bad carbs in our previous posts. You do not need to cut out all the carbs from your diet. Only the bad ones.

Eating good carbs, like ones in whole wheat foods, can actually help you burn more fat when you exercise.

Weight Management

Carbs are also the primary fuel for your muscles, so if you exercise daily you need a healthy load of carbs in your diet.

4.      Don’t Cover a Bad Diet with Exercise

You cannot go back to a diet of fat filled foods and expect to keep your healthy weight just by exercising regularly.

If you are consuming 4000 calories a day and you only require 2000 a day, then exercise won’t be able to make a dent in your weight management.

Even high intensity exercises can only burn 500-600 calories in one hour. You cannot burn all that fat and bad carbs through exercise.

A nutritious and healthy diet is a perfect companion for any exercise routine.

5.      Strength Training is Key

Strength training should be a crucial part of your weekly routine. Building lean muscle by lifting weights will not only burn some fat but also give your more strength.

So put on that fitness gear at least 3 times a week and do high-rep strength training.

6.      Eat Simple Foods

You shouldn’t complicate your diet by adding colorful foods in your diet.

The more foods you add to your diet, the harder it will be for you to keep track of all the calories you are consuming.

Simple ingredients and dishes are the best way to go, for weight management and weight loss as well.

You may be following some of these principles without even knowing about it. Do let us know how beneficial these principles are for you.

For those who have not tried them, you need to start right away. They will not only make your life a lot easier but also make it simpler for you maintain a fitter body and better physical health.